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The Importance of Knowing What Type of Feet You Have



If you ask any psychiatrist worth their salt on the most important thing for a person to have, they will most likely tell you self-awareness. Knowing yourself is crucial for many things; it will help you find out what things you want in life, and it will definitely give you a chance to become a more confident person. When you know yourself, you will be able to find companions that are like-minded, and you will ultimately become happier. Yet, it is not just the traits of your personality that you need to know; you also have to learn about your body. 

For instance, believe it or not, it is quite important that you know what type of feet you have. Here’s why.

Personality traits 

You might not know it, but the kind of feet you have are actually quite indicative of what type of person you are. And yes, there are several feet shapes out there. Take the Roman foot, for example. It is the most common type found in a lot of people around the world. People with this shape often have the big toe as the largest in size, and the consecutive share the same height as the first. People who have a Roman foot are known to be friendly and outgoing, and they often make for successful business people because they are quite charismatic. 

You also have the Egyptian toe, which sees the big toe as the longest, followed by a tapering in the other four at what seems like a 45 degree angle. People who have this type are often easy to deal with and are quite artistic in nature. There are other types out there, each with a unique set of personality traits that can tell you much about yourself and others. 


Perhaps the most important reason to you need to fully understand what type of feet you have is for comfort. Millions of people around the world suffer from flat feet –– where the arch doesn’t fully develop in one or both feet. General stats estimate that this is a problem that 20 to 30% of the population suffer from, and it does cause problems. Flat feet can also be developed over time, even if you were born with ordinary ones –– it happens for a variety of reasons like being out of shape, wearing uncomfortable shoes, and injuries. In any case, as you can see on, it is crucial that you wear comfy running shoes that are specifically designed to help people with flat feet.

They are usually designed with arch support to provide you with the arching that your feet –– naturally or unnaturally –– lack, which makes it much more comfortable for you to wear while working out. These could help protect you from complications that arise when trying to run or exercise while having feet, and it would make that effort a lot less painful. It is also recommended that runners with normal feet get shoes that offer arching support, because even they could develop flat feet over time due to wrong practices and over-exercising. 

Avoiding injuries and pain

Another very important reason to learn the type and shape of your feet is to avoid further health complications and pain in the future. We already mentioned flat feet and how they can develop if you are not careful, and how they can cause pain and discomfort in the long run. But you should also know that there are other problems associated with different kinds of feet. Some studies indicate that the height of your arch can cause some problems with your extremities –– including your knees, hips, and feet. This happens because how your feet move directly affects your upper and lower legs, so it might cause some serious problems there. This is why it is important that you have enough awareness of any conditions that you might have so you could mitigate the effects and avoid further complications. 

Ancestry clues 

While no scientific studies actually back this up, some charts indicate that you can learn about your ancestry and heritage from the shape of your feet. As we mentioned earlier, there are Roman and Egyptian feet types, but there are also different ones like Germanic, Celtic, and Greek. Some claim that the category in which your feet lies is an indication of where your ancestors originated from, which is actually a pretty cool notion –– though you might need to trace your origins yourself to make sure, rather than just take your feet as the sole proof. 

Understanding your feet type is an integral part of knowing your body, which is always important. It will help you avoid health complications and protect your lower extremities from any pain or discomfort, and that alone should be enough reason to learn about your feet type.