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Top 5 Reason Men Wear Slides



It’s no secret that not all men enjoy shoe shopping. But, like most other clothing items, sometimes it’s necessary to go to the store and buy what you need. Shoes are definitely one of these items you need to try before you buy. Every brand and style fits differently, so trying them on before buying is a must. 


A great shoe (and an easy one to shop for), is the slide sandal.  Below are the top five reasons why men buy these shoes. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate shopping, keep these reasons in mind because they might just help you find your new favorite ‘go-to’ shoe. 


Reasons Men Wear Slides

  1. Convenience: The main reason why men like wearing slides is because they’re so convenient and easy to wear. You literally just ‘slide’ them on and go! Depending on the slide, you might not even have to velcro the strap down. No matter who you are, this type of ease is appealing. This is especially nice if you’re feeling extra lazy; you don’t even have to worry about tying shoelaces! 


  1. Comfort: It’s also no secret that slide shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy. No matter what material the soles are, slides provide the ultimate comfort level for shoes. They’re not only good for your feet, but can be a good shoe to wear if you’re having knee or back pain. 

There are also different materials that make up the soles for slides, so you can cater the comfort level to your specific needs. If you’re looking for more comfort, be sure to check out cork soles, as they seem to be the best for orthopedic health. 


  1. Style: Men tend not to have the largest shoe collection, so when men look for shoes, they look for a shoe that they can wear with lots of outfits. Slides are great for this because you really can wear them with anything! Whether you’re wearing sweats, jeans, or even shorts, you can find a pair of slides that’ll go with your outfit. While slides also come in lots of different looks and styles, most men stick with either the classic black or blue slides, or a nice leather pair.      


  1. Ability to Play Sports With Them: Lots of men are active, so when looking for shoes they want the shoe to be able to keep up with their level of activity. Slides can absolutely do this. Rubber slides are great for jogging around and playing outside. There are several sports brands that also cater to this want. In addition to the materials, the bottoms of the slides are often form fitting. Once your foot forms to the shoe, it’s harder to come off, which makes them better for participating in activities. 


  1. Durability: Since the majority of men don’t want to go shopping all the time for new shoes, they prefer to buy shoes that will last as long as possible. Slides do this as well, because they can last for a few years. However, this durability timetable varies depending on the material. Most of (if not all) the material used in the production of slides makes the shoes water-resistant, flexible and temperature-resilient. What better qualities than these to have in an everyday shoe! 



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