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TrumateApp, the new relationship and lifestyle app from Ghana



Enough of all the surprises and Disappointments in relationships, guys!

Have you wondered if the man or woman you are dating is also dating you? You have  their word but do their actions say otherwise?

Are you unsure about the version he/she tells people out there about their relationship status? making every new person they meet think they are single?

What if there is someone you like and you are considering a new relationship with. Is the a place where you can as a matter of fact, find out your current prospect’s relationship status?

How about marriage promises? Do you want to avoid failed promises, relationship time wasters and surprises?

Then download TrumateApp Now.

For iOS

For Android:

So what does this app do..

TrumateApp is an all new lifestyle relationship digital band(app) that allows you to connect your mobile number with your partner’s on the app. Simply send a request to your partner for connection [go to the menu to find the CONNECT button for this]—when connecting with your partner, you get to choose your relationship status with them[either Married, Engaged, Serious Relationship or Dating] . When your partner accepts the request, it means your phone numbers are now locked together on the app. Now when ever another person searches either of your numbers on the app[ using a feature called CHECK STATUS], the app tells them the Relationship Status of the number they checked.

And guess what, the app allows for only a single connection at a time. Meaning you cannot connect to different people(numbers) at the same time but however you can add your other mobile numbers to an already connected status after your connected partner has approved it.
You can also disconnect with a connected mate when ever necessary to allow for new connections.

There is also a COMMUNITY page to post and read on Finance & Career, Love and Romance, Reunion & Celebration, Heartbreaks & Betrayals.. and even Health and Sports.

Here is the big news. This amazing app was put together by Ghanaians!