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Unusual Facts About Blackjack



Venturous people enjoy watching adventure movies, visiting amusement parks, and playing at the free spins online casino. Except for, slots, casinos also offer card games. Blackjack is the most popular one, and here are the most unusual facts about it. 


It is still impossible to say exactly about its origin. It is believed that blackjack was played in Italy in 1700. Today, it is well-known and popular among gamblers. Social surveys have shown that more than a third of Americans consider blackjack their favorite game.

Forbidden Game 

in the States it was illegal for a long time. Of course, this only contributed to the popularity of the card game. In the XIX century in America, gamblers began to hold underground tournaments on blackjack. It was not until 1939, after receiving official permission, that underground gaming became legal in Nevada.

From the Book Pages

Everyone knows the work of E. O. Thorp. This is the most famous book dedicated to blackjack. The book described all the intricacies of mathematical calculations. According to the official version, he was the first player who could count cards correctly. His followers closely studied the book, wishing to repeat that success. A couple of years after its publication, gambling houses often lost to their customers. This led to the fact that the rules of the game began to change and a large number of different types of blackjack arose.

Unfortunate Ban 

Casino administrators have repeatedly tried to pass laws that would not allow players to keep a card account. Yet, today you will not find a single legal act of this kind. All the courts that have heard such cases have ruled that the methodology is legal.

From the Blue Screens 

The team game is a way to cheat the gambling establishment. The first such experience was staged by Professor Al Francesco. With his students, they made a couple of million in Nevada. The story soon became widely known thanks to the film 21. The methods of counting cards at blackjack are the subject of many movies already. 

Is There Really a Chance? 

A remarkable researcher at the University of Philadelphia studied the popularity and different types of gambling. He learned that blackjack is second only to roulette in terms of popularity. He explained this fact by the rather high chances to win. The casino has a 0.5% advantage over the players.

An Important Win for the Businessman 

One of the most memorable stories of winnings tells about the founder of FedEx, F. Smith. He was very short of money to develop their business, and he decided to go to the gambling house, hoping to win with five thousand dollars in his pocket. He didn’t stay there long, and after playing a couple of good hands, he left with twenty-seven thousand. The winnings enabled Smith to pay for the fuel and improve his business. 



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