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Up-close with US-based Ghanaian content creator, Hannah Newman Conduah



Hannah Newman Conduah

US-based Ghanaian Content Creator, Hannah Newman Conduah is known for her videos that often go viral across the Internet. Her fun skits and her unmissable love for life, has caught the eyes of various media outlets.

In 2020, American comedian, radio and TV host, Steve Harvey shared Hannah’s fun spin on his hit TV show, ‘Family Feud’. This remains one of Hannah’s favorite highlights yet.

Born into a family of creative people, led by their mother and gospel artist Amy Newman, Hannah started her journey from back in secondary school.

I caught up with Hannah Conduah to find out what makes her tick, TikTok and more.

How did you get into content creation?

I’ve always been a creative think out of the box person. I recall in secondary school I will spearhead programs and coach my dance team for events such as entertainment night. I was really good at it, if i do say so myself.  I started creating YouTube content in 2018 then went on a break till Corona hit and your girl decided it was time to up her millennial game – TikTok. I took advantage of the lockdown and started back on YouTube as well. I had so much fun creating content but whew Tik tok gave me a run for my money. Learning how to edit my videos, incorporating transitions and putting out unique content was not easy. Special thanks to YouTube tutorials – I mastered it.

What is the creative process usually like?

I wish I could identify a process that can be followed . I usually get my inspiration while I’m driving, trying to sleep or even in the shower. Occasionally, i will chance on another content creators work doing a challenge and choose to participate with a personal twist.

My “process” is a stoical one. I don’t simply get into action because I got an “aha” moment. I put all my ideas down and build my scenes around them.

Bear in mind I am the actress, the producer, the designer amongst many others so I have to put on each hat at different stages to make sure my content is not only relatable but also quality.

What tools do you use and what tips do you fall on?

In this millennial era, everything is possible with very little resources. My camera, personal phone and laptop are the only hardware I use. I do however use a lot of software and apps to assist in my content creation. My go to tip is – IF IT MAKES ME LAUGH ITS GOOD CONTENT. And trust me I’m pretty hard on myself

As a Ghanaian living in abroad, what are the key differences between content out there and that from Ghana as well as audiences?

In these technologically advanced times where most content can be shot with an iPhone, I don’t think there is much difference. I definitely will mention the accessibility to a lot more resources (costumes, props, etc) here than in Ghana. In terms of the content itself I always keep in mind that it is a different audience base i have to capture which essentially means for the typical Ghanaian sense of humor may not appeal to a foreigner and vise versa

What has been the biggest highest for you so far?

Oh how I love BTS (behind the scenes) moments. Sharing ideas and interacting with other people brings out a different level of inspiration and of course the “crazies”. Collaborating for me is more about great content than who the creator is.

My highest moment will be the reach of my videos. I mean lil old me Hannah Newman with a 2.5 million reach that sends me over the moon. The wider the reach, the bigger my smile.

What are your future plans?

To continue developing my content creation skills to grow my brand and see what God has in store for me. Ideally, GODS PLAN are my future plans!



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