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Wanna date Sandra Ankobiah? Here are some tips

TV presenter, model, actress and lawyer Sandra Ankobiah opened up to arts writer Francis Doku last Friday during the latter’s weekly interview of Ghanaian celebrities on social media site Twitter dubbed #FridayTwitterview. The interview covered several areas including Ankobiah’s career, her aspirations for the year 2014 and her ideal man. Francis: Hi Sandra how are […]



Sandra AnkobiahTV presenter, model, actress and lawyer Sandra Ankobiah opened up to arts writer Francis Doku last Friday during the latter’s weekly interview of Ghanaian celebrities on social media site Twitter dubbed #FridayTwitterview. The interview covered several areas including Ankobiah’s career, her aspirations for the year 2014 and her ideal man.

Francis: Hi Sandra how are you today and how is 2014 treating you?

Sandra: Hi!!! I’m fantastic! Happy New Year!! 2014…Hmm so far, so good.

Francis: Did you make any resolutions for the year?

Sandra: I did. I made two. The first is to be better with my time management (I’m almost always late!). The second was to pray that all my aspirations and goals are fulfilled.

Francis: hahaha…I can relate to that. Let’s dwell on the mood of the country for a moment. What do you have to say about Dumor?

Sandra: I’m deeply saddened that we have lost such a gem. I admired him for his eloquence. His diction was impeccable. May he RIP.

Francis: Tell me about how you found yourself in the media? Or did the media find you?

Sandra: I think it started off with the TV show, Fashion 101.

Francis: How did that start? What motivated Fashion 101?

Sandra: I was inspired by the E’s Fashion Police show and of course my passion for fashion.

Francis: Tell me about fashion. Do you think we are getting it right or we are nowhere close?

Sandra: I think we get better every day. We learn every day. As with anything else, it’s a learning process. Our fashion industry is a burgeoning one. Still in its nurturing stages. But we have come a long way in the last few years.

Francis: Have you abandoned Fashion 101 for New Day?

Sandra: New Day is not a replacement for Fashion 101. Indeed they are different brands and concepts with completely different demographics. But in all honesty, I’ve decided to move on to my first love which is the Law. I studied Law for a reason. And that is to help people and make a difference. People are languishing in our prisons because they do not have access to legal representation. Legal representation is a constitutional right of every Ghanaian. Some just can’t afford it, but it doesn’t mean they should be denied justice. Some things are just more important than others. So when I weighed Fashion 101 and offering legal aid, the scale just tipped in favour of offering legal aid.

Francis: To recap, you’ll continue to present New Day, you will go off Fashion 101 and you will go into legal practice more in 2014?

Sandra: Exactly. Joining an organisation to offer free legal services. Details soon.

Francis: Thank you. Tell me Sandra, are you in a relationship at the moment?

Sandra: No I’m not.

Francis: Why are you not? Not enough good men out there? The good ones are taken? Not interested or not ready?

Sandra: I LOVE love. I just haven’t found my Adam. If he’s out there, please let him know I’m looking for him.

Francis: How would he know? What are your benchmark qualities? Good looks and manners? Money and looks? Money?

Sandra: Someone I can talk to and laugh with all night long. He has to be ambitious, compassionate, and we must connect on a magical level. It’s unexplainable. It’s a feeling. Indescribable! He must be tall.

Francis: Good to know. Back to TV3, how does it feel hosting a morning show with the team? I feel it’s crowded.

Sandra: I love the show. I learn a lot from the various segments. The team is great and we work together well. The only time you see all four of us together is when we introduce the show and when we wrap up.

Francis: You want to clear the air on that friendship brouhaha the press has raised between you and Yvonne Nelson?

Sandra: Oooohhh Francis! Are we still on that? It’s 2014!

Francis: Are you friends? Were you friends? What’s the big deal either?

Sandra: We are cool. I’ve said it so many times, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. There’s absolutely no story there. I’m glad you mentioned that it’s the press that raised all the brouhaha.

Francis: Cool. To conclude, what would be Sandra Ankobiah’s legacy in broadcasting, showbiz and law?

Sandra: That the world was a better place because I made an impact in the life of one person.

Francis: Thank you for your time and answers, Sandra.

Sandra: My pleasure. Enjoyed it. Many thanks.

This interview is available on Twitter via the handles of Francis Doku @TheGHMediaGuru and Sandrah Ankobia @SandraAnkobiah or by searching for the hashtag #FridayTwitterview.



2nd Edition Of Western Gospel Awards Successfully Held



Mrs Amy Newman Receiving her citation

Prolific GH, organisers of the annual Western Gospel Awards have successfully organised the second edition of the awards at the Word of Life Assemblies of God Church in Takoradi on Sunday November 27, 2022.

In all, over 19 categories were won by industry players in the gospel fraternity. Mrs. Amy Newman was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award whereas Dr. Stephen Wayoe was honoured with Remarkable Contribution to the Growth of Gospel Industry and Cwesi Oteng was also Honored as Contemporary/Urban Gospel Artiste of the Decade.

Expressing his gratitude to his sponsors and other contributors, Mr. Maxwell Bills Ansah, CEO of Prolific GH, organizers of the awards mentioned that “such event comes with a huge budget but with the support of our sponsors, we organized a befitting event to honour the works of the industry players in Western Region. The sponsors have always been the strongest support system.”

Sharing some of the challenges of the organization of the awards, Mr. Ansah mentioned that; “sponsorship remains the biggest challenge but we are grateful to those who see the good in what we do and always come to our aid,” adding that, “my team remains the best to get the excellent work done, not forgetting the people of Western Region for their unflinching support.”

Renowned Gospel Musician, KDM won the Artiste of the year at the second edition of the Western Gospel Awards (WGA). Aside winning the Artiste of the year, KDM also won the ‘Songwriter of the year award.

The well attended event witnessed outstanding ministration and performances from Gospel artists from the Western Region.

Notable amongst the winners at the second edition of the Western Gospel Awards include; Western Best Blogger of the Year which was won by Nana Kwesi Coomson (, Western Gospel Collaboration of the Year, Ruger Quarm ft. Kofi Owusu Peprah – The Name of Jesus, Western Female Vocalist of the Year, Georgia and Georgette, Western New Gospel Artiste of the Year, Etriakor Charle, Western Gospel Song of the Year – Mabel Love – OSOMBO, Western Best Lyrical Content of the year – Max Praize – Spirit Life, Western Gospel Music Video of the Year- Efua Black – Oye Jesus, amongst others.

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Dianna Wright to shoot Ahoo video in Ghana



IMG 20221115 WA0041

THE line-up of events and international artistes coming to Ghana this December keeps getting exciting and the latest to join is Jamaican singer, poetess and actress, Dianna Wright.
The US based artiste will be in Accra to shoot the video of her trending song, Ahoo and also participate in events to mark the festive season.

The song is already being played on some radio stations in Ghana and Jamaica and Dianna who is signed to 16-Bars Multimedia LLC, hopes to cement its popularity with the video which will be shot in a village setting in Ghana.

While here, she is also open to shows and collaborations with local artistes and bands.

Dianna who was part of acts for the Hands Across Africa concert held at the National Theatre in July said she selected Ghana to shoot the video for the love she has for the country.

“When I come to Ghana, it’s just like home, Ghana is a bigger Jamaica. I love how the people dance with so much energy. I will feature some young and talented dancers in my video. I love the newness, vibe and energy anytime I am there.

“For the video, I want a natural setting and it was Ghana that first came to mind, the unique and serene villages in Ghana is the kind of vibe I am looking for,” she said.

With the exception of her engineer and a couple of her team members, Dianna will use Ghanaian based creatives for her production saying, “there is no point flying in many professionals as Ghana has them in abundance. There are so many talents here who can help us execute this project perfectly”, she added.

As a way of giving back to the Ghanaian society, she adopted the drama troupe of the Manya Krobo Senior High School and supports the group regularly.

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“Orente” by Philip NeeWhang, to be available exclusively on Boomplay, is a soothing, lovely song



Orente Official Cover

Philip NeeWhang is set to release yet another sensational new song titled “Orente”. The single which transforms Dany Starking’s original – Orente released in 2022 has been made over again with a fresh new breath and vocal from the sensational musical artist – Philip NeeWhang. Orente is a song that is sure to burst your brains with its smooth and melodic romantic afrobeat vibes much desired in today’s music market.

When asked what influenced Philip NeeWhang to do a cover of the song and re-release it under his vocals, he stated “The first time I listened to the song, it transported me to a different realm, I felt good, I loved the song, I did not even think I would be doing a cover on it but then I kept singing it over and over and over and then I realized, – I need to pick on this challenge and do my very first cover song and which better song than this new track which has just struck me in the heart”. The original track is one released by Dany Starking, a Nigerian musical artiste presently based in Ghana.

The song which was largely sung in English heavily uses the ‘broken’ Nigerian pronunciation style of speech and uses some native Yoruba words within its lyrical flow shockingly, Philip NeeWhang stays true to the song’s lyrics and style, often diverting to his vocal pitch as slight differences can be observed in the version released by Dany Starking and the one by Philip NeeWhang – You need to hear how the Ghanaian Musical Artist loses himself to the lyrics singing it so beautifully and true to its core, it baffles the brain.

The original as covered by Philip NeeWhang shockingly is produced, mixed, and mastered by the same sound engineer – King Kueyx under CockaStudiox who worked on Dany Starking’s original giving immerse room for improvement on the cover by Philip. Philip NeeWhang who has been hailed as the next big hit in Ghana you need to watch out for and aiming for international status has already earned 19 original songs released to his credit inclusive of Two (2) EPs which contain four (4) tracks each. Philip NeeWhang is a NAFTI alumnus with BFA Degree in Film Directing.

Check out Orente which is now exclusively released on Boomplay starting Nov 17, 2022 – releasing in other stores on Nov 24, 2022, and enjoy a lifetime of sweet bliss contained within this music. Next to be released is “Freedom” on Nov 25, 2022, on Boomplay exclusive a week before other stores.

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IMF is holding Ghana to ransom – Freedom Jacob Caesar, tells Kanye West to invest in Africa




Ghanaian real estate and hospitality business developer,  Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, has reached out to American rapper Kanye West to look towards investing in Africa if America doesn’t want his money. (more…)

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Nigerian Governor appoints skit maker Cute Abiola as his aide



Nigerian Governor appoints skit maker Cute Abiola as his aide

Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, has appointed famous skit maker, Abdulgafar Ahmed Abiola, popularly known as “Cute Abiola” as his Special Assistant on Creative Industries. (more…)

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Davido’s aide, Isreal DMW marries his sweetheart, Sheila !



Israel Afeare's white wedding

The white wedding of singer Davido’s aide, Israel Afeare (alias Israel DMW) to his sweetheart of many years,  Sheila, happened in Edo state today October 22. (more…)

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