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WATCH: Chief Dele Momodu walks out of event while Davido performs ‘Dele Na My Boy’


WATCH: Chief Dele Momodu walks out of event while Davido performs ‘Dele Na My Boy’

I’m probably late on this one, but Ovation Magazine publisher, Chief Dele Momodu was seen walking out during a performance by Davido at an event during the Christmas festivities.  Perhaps a mere coincidence but the famed publisher and one time Nigerian President aspirant walked out when Davido was performing his part of Falz’s ‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’ track, with him explaining ‘Mr Dele Na My Boy!’Some social media users speculated that Momodu left because he felt Davido disrespected him by calling him “my boy”.

A big media war ensued between Davido, Sophia Momodu (his ‘baby mama’) and her uncle Dele Momodu in 2016. Here is’s 10 point summary of the whole drama:

1. Davido was unhappy about Sophia’s pregnancy as he clearly didn’t expect a child with her – According to him, on learning that Sophie was pregnant for him, his mind was bemused and his soul confused.

He however said he accepted his responsibility for the sad misadventure that put him on a flight with her, a flight headed nowhere.

2. There is no love lost between Davido Adeleke and Dele Momodu – Dele Momodu has come out to say Sophie was ‘comprehensively scandalized’. In a statement released on January 4, the Ovation publisher said details circulating in the media of his cousin being a cannabis smoker is so bad ‘nothing could have been cruelest’.

3. Baby Imade was allegedly ‘forcefully’ taken away from her mum on July 11, 2015 – Contrary to claims that baby Imade was to be taken abroad for treatment, Mr. Momodu says this has been an unwarranted fabrication of endless lies to justify the act of forcefully taking a baby from her biological mother.

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Momodu claims the baby had been ‘forcefully separated’ from her mother at only two months old, and there were pleas for months for her to be returned to her biological mother but all Sophia got was the opportunity to visit her daughter once a week, specifically on Sundays.

4. Claims that Imade was unwell might be untrue – This is because when Imade was taken abroad for alleged treatments, she had in fact being with her aunt, Ashley Adeleke (Davido’s sister), in Dubai as they were both swimming in the pool of Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, a luxury resort.

5. Sophia Momodu might not be the defenseless, poor mother after all – Contrary to Mr. Momodu’s report that Sophia was a defenseless lady who had been unfairly treated; there are revelations that she is a party lover and a lavish spender who contributes nothing to vast expenses incurred.

In addition, no one from her family, including her uncle Dele Momodu, contributed even a coin to the expenses at the time. Davido claims the entire burden of medical bills, feeding, transportation and sundry expenses were handled by him.

6. There might be more to this from the Momodu family than we know – There are possibilities there is more to the relationship within the Momodu family than we currently know or read about. Davido claims while things were rosy between him and Sophia, she revealed some details to him about her uncle Dele Momodu that he doesn’t want to divulge.

7. Sophia Momodu might have employed ‘diabolical’ means along the line – Davido claims he opened his doors to Sophia even when he was uncertain it was his baby she was carrying. It was after May 14, 2015 when the baby had been born that DNA results confirmed his status as father.

Also, according to him she was a drifter without a relative to assist her in Lagos which led her to moving in with the Afro pop star.

He alleged she took advantage of his poor judgment, using a cunning sense and vicious diabolical support to try and make him a victim.

8. The Momodu family might have been jealous all along – Reports from Davido’s camp allege Mr. and Mrs. Momodu are showing a fake love towards Sophia especially because she had a baby for a fairly prominent family.

He also claims they are jealous of the fact that she ever became a mum and do not wish the little baby the best things.

9. Mr and Mrs Momodu are crowding Davido’s space – The singer alleged this because upon first meeting Sophia and all through when they were together, she never formally introduced any of them to him which makes him wonder why an absentee uncle has any traction on the moral authority commanding the affairs as it is.

10. Sophia Momodu was never reportedly unprepared for motherhood – The singer claimed to have provided her a monthly allowance of N300, 000 in addition to utility bills. He also fully paid a two-year rent for her apartment but she left the house in no time in search of the glitzy night life in Lagos, leaving her baby behind.

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