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‘We are no longer friends’ : Pappy Kojo speaks on relationship with Joey B



Pappy Kojo has revealed that he’s no longer friends with Joey B.

The rapper who’s currently promoting his new album ‘Logos II’ made this known in an interview with renowned broadcaster Abeiku Santana on Okay FM’s Ekwanso dwoodwoo’ after he was asked about the state of his friendship with Joey B.

Although Pappy didn’t reveal the reason behind their separation, he was quick to say ‘he is who he is likewise Joey B, and he thinks it’s for the best.

He added that they still follow each other on social media, but they don’t check up on each like they used to.

Some years back, Pappy Kojo and Joey B were known to be best of friends. They made hits together and were mostly spotted hanging out together.





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