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What is alcohol addiction?



Alcohol is often treated differently to drugs when it comes to addiction, but it’s equally as damaging and serious. 

As it is much easier to get your hands on, it also affects much more people – many of which don’t realise that they have a problem due to it being legal and accessible. 

Alcoholism is a disease that affects every single gender, race or socio-economic background. It can cause serious changes to the brain and neurochemistry and should be treated as serious illness. 


The different manifestations 

While it’s true that alcohol addiction can mean that you can’t go a day without drinking, there are different varieties of alcoholism. 

The severity, the alcohol somebody consumes, and how often they do it varies from person to person. For instance, one person could drink heavily from morning to night time, and another may binge drink excessively and then stay sober for a while. 

Regardless of how it manifests, somebody has an alcohol addiction if they rely on drinking to have a good time and cannot stay sober for a long time. 

So, how can you recognise the symptoms of alcoholism? 


Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is more difficult to recognise than other addictions. Drinking is a part of many people’s life – whether it’s after-work drinks or a night on the town. Alcohol is also available in the majority of shops and is just accepted in society. 

In fact, alcohol is arguably the only drug that you have to explain to people why you don’t take. This makes it incredibly dangerous, and actually hard to quit. It also makes it difficult to recognise when you have an issue. 

Some symptoms of alcohol addiction can be:


Increased frequency of drinking 

  • High tolerance or lack of hangover symptoms 
  • Drinking at inappropriate/unsociable times 
  • Changes in friendships/avoiding family and friends 
  • Hiding alcohol or hiding whilst you drink 
  • Dependance on alcohol 
  • Increased lethargy, emotional issues or depression 
  • Legal or professional problems – you may get in trouble with the police or lose a job


Is rehab available for alcoholism? 

Yes, rehab is also for those with alcoholism, which is something people don’t know. You can opt for a rehabilitation program which requires you to attend a residential centre. 

There are also options which allow you to stay at home with your friends and family, and get the help you need, which works around your current work and family commitments. 


What is alcohol detox?

If you have withdrawal symptoms from alcohol when you try to quit, a detox may be necessary. 

Don’t worry, if you apply for an assessment, the detox providers will be chosen for you. This takes all the stress away from you. 


If you have a problem with alcohol or think you need to quit – it’s time to reach out for help, try Help Me Stop. Not only will they make the quitting manageable, but they will also help you deal with the process of not drinking afterwards. 

Don’t forget to reach out for help if you know somebody who might need help, too.