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Why celebrities should not be afraid of death prophecies – Kaywa



Renowned music producer, Kaywa, is encouraging celebrities not to be fearful of death prophecies, as he believes they are not a death sentence.

He emphasizes that death is a transition, and believers should not fear it. According to Kaywa, if there is a prophecy about death, one should pray about it, as God reveals to redeem.

He also stressed that prophecies, whether good or bad, should be accepted in good faith, as prophets are messengers from God. Kaywa even shared his experience of giving prophecies to individuals who took them in good faith, and he believes in their power to bring about positive change.


“Whether you believe in the prophecy or not, the prophets’ aim is to tell you what God has revealed to him. It is left with the receiver to accept it and work on it. I have given some prophecies about some individuals and they took it in good faith and we prayed about it.

“Before Ebony died, I had the prophecy and reached out to her. I can say on authority that I converted her to Christ before she died,” he said during his appearance on the Graphic Showbiz X Dialogue.

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