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Your result on today score: what will happen in the Champions League in season 2019/20



Not long ago, the football life was running wild and made millions of fans all around the world go crazy, but today it has almost completely stopped. Fortunately, sports fans can still find a lot of interesting events on  today score. The largest European championships have left for timeless break and can be completed ahead of schedule. The Europa League has also been suspended.

And even the most prestigious European football championship has been forced to refuse the upcoming games. The fans of the above-mentioned sport even are the most excited about the question: what will happen in the Champions League in season 2019/20?

Every day it becomes more obvious – the situation around coronavirus keeps worthening. The top European championships management is seriously thinking about finishing the season ahead of schedule. All the games results and standings of the largest football leagues you can find on today score. In some countries, this approach is justified, since there is an obvious leader, as in the Premier League and League 1. However, there is another situation that can be seen in La Liga and Bundesliga, where there was a fierce struggle for first positions in the championship until the last moment. But what can be done with the Champions League, where the competition has a completely different scheme? The UEFA management is trying to find the answer to this question.

Champions league fixtures – always relevant Champions League results

According to the majority of experts, it will be unreasonable to hold the final matches in the traditional format. Finishing the Champions League season ahead of schedule is out of question as well. In this case, it will be necessary to declare it invalid, which will automatically bring huge losses to UEFA and the participating teams. Surely, those who follow the results of Champions League games with  champions league fixtures will be against such a development of events. Therefore, UEFA is thinking over alternative options for the final part of the tournament.

Now, only the first four teams participating in the 1/4 Champions League are known. These are the following:

  • RB Leipzig;
  • PSG;
  • Atletico Madrid;
  • Atalanta.

The remaining participants of the current stage of the most prestigious European tournament will become known after the postponed games take place. Of course, visitors of champions league fixtures will be among the first ones to find out the results of these games. As for the final part of the Champions League, it can be held according to the scheme of the European basketball league. This means that 4 participating teams will arrive in the same city and in just a week will find out who deserves to raise the championship cup above their heads.