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Zone Fam releases debut album and new music video



Zambian hip-hop collective, Zone Fam has finally released their much anticipated debut album, ‘The Business – Foreign Exchange’ which also coincides with latest music video ‘Chikali Remix’ featuring Slap Dee and Petersen.

Zone Famcontinues to be one of the most prolific rap groups in Zambia since it was formed in 2007. The founders of the group, The Holstar and Pope have successfully managed to turn the group from a group a young guys jamming at Zone Studios to a family of talented individuals who bring together their skills into a great musical synergy. The name Zone Fam was derived from the studio name, when one of the original members, Al Kani said the line “You can’t mess with the Zone Fam” in an old track.


The original Zone Fam members were The Holstar, Pope and Al Kani and thereafter, Dope G joined, followed by Jay Rox, Verbal Assasin and Last Thugga. They describe their music as “good Hip Hop period!”  They fuse both English and local languages into their lyrics to make it more appealing to the general public.

‘The Business  – Foreign Exchange’ is already available online for purchase via