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“1 District, 1 Cinema Hall” or “1 Region, 1 Cinema Hall’ – Ghanaian actors call on government



Ghanaian actors, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari and  Van Vicker have called on the Ghanaian government to be build more cinema halls across the country to aid in the distribution of Ghanaian movies. 

The actors made the passionate plea on live TV  while speaking to Nana Ama McBrown on the “United Showbiz” show.

Actor Van Vicker was particularly not happy about how the few cinema halls in Ghana were banned from operating by the government following the global COVI-19 pandemic. According to him, other areas like aviation have been allowed to resume service but the only source of their livelihood as actors has been stagnant because cinemas are still closed.

Why are cinema halls in Ghana still closed? he quizzed.

Actress Nadia Buari also expressed displeasure about the treatment film producers get from cinema operators in Ghana. According to her, due to the limited number of cinema hall in Ghana, the current operators do not offer good deals when it comes to their film distributions.

“The cinema operators are not being fair to us. We hardly make enough from their distributions. It is a 50/50 share of revenue raised on premier days and 60/40 after that. I wish they can do something about that because we as producers hardly make anything since some of the projects are made from personal funds” she said.

Similarly, Yvonne Nelson also opinioned that film distribution  is Ghana Movie Industry’s biggest problem and as such a cinema hall in every district in the country would help revive people’s love for Ghanaian movies and help the industry grow.

“1 DISTRICT, 1 CINEMA HALL”  she said.

Supporting her fellow colleagues, Jackie Appiah also demanded for “1 REGION, 1 CINEMA HALL” from government.

However, Majid Michel was of the view that only a government with the Ghana Movie Industry at heart can help grow the industry.

“Mahama was passionate about airports so he built one, Nana Addo is passionate about education so he brought ‘FREE SHS’. Only a government with passion about Ghana films can help grow the industry and provide the “1 REGION, 1 CINEMA HALL” they are talking about.

Watch the video below.

Film distribution is Ghana Movie Industry’s biggest problem – Yvonne Nelson


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