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11:11 Surprise! Reggie Rockstone finally collaborates with Sarkodie

As part of his birthday celebrations on April 11, which is also the birthday of his daughter, Reggie Rockstone has released the second single from his 11:11 project. The birthday surprise aptly titled ‘11.11’ features Sarkodie, something most fans of the hiplife pioneer have been looking forward to! His record label, Kasarock Entertainment had earlier […]



As part of his birthday celebrations on April 11, which is also the birthday of his daughter, Reggie Rockstone has released the second single from his 11:11 project. The birthday surprise aptly titled ‘11.11’ features Sarkodie, something most fans of the hiplife pioneer have been looking forward to!

11:11 Surprise! Reggie Rockstone finally collaborates with Sarkodie
11:11 Surprise! Reggie Rockstone finally collaborates with Sarkodie

His record label, Kasarock Entertainment had earlier in the day released ‘Happy Day’, the first single from a project that would feature records with eleven up-and-coming artists with the aim of elevating hidden talents in Ghana.

The music video for ’11:11′ has hints of Reggie’s martial arts background and makes many significant references to his mentor, Bruce Lee. The video was shot and edited by Prince Dovlo within 24 hours!



Bill Base On returns with ‘Street’ featuring Sii i, drops jaw-dropping cinematic video




Rapper, Bill Base On is in to grab headlines this week with his new release ‘Street.’ The hard-hitting Hip-Hop track comes two months after his anthemic debut single ‘Blessing’ and features an assist from Sii i and a cinematic video. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stream one of this week’s hottest songs. Listen to ‘Street’ here:

If you’re a huge Hip-Hop fan, ‘Street’ will pique your interest with its hardcore premise and tone. Bill Base On and Sii i retell one of Hip-Hop’s most captivating stories–their journey of rags to riches, in a 4-minute package filled with visceral rap lyrics and an unforgettable hook only a few rookies could muster. Such novelty produces a nifty performance that will have you returning for more due to its relatability and high cultural relevance.

Another thing that will have the attention of fans long after watching it is the accompanying video. Shot by award-winning Ghanaian music video and film director, REX, the stunning visuals show the artists and their crew put their biggest foe to eternal rest. In what plays out like a scene straight out of Vito Corleone’s funeral in The Godfather trilogy, Bill Base On and Sii i give poverty a final send-off before hitting the city out to celebrate.

With ‘Street,’ Bill Base On proves he can strike the right kind of features besides creating catchy sounds. Get lit with him and Sii i as they toast to overcoming poverty.


Instagram: iambreezy_b
Facebook: Bill Base On

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Jargokush is ending the year with a bang after consistently dropping catchy Mellow groove vibes music throughout the year, he returns with new vibey single “SO CRAZY” which is accompanied by a mind blowing music directed by well know Cinematographer Clout Cassette Big Shark.

In the video we see the Artists paying tribute to different cultural African ladies by appreciating their culture attire. From having a Swati, Nigerian, Xhosa and Ethiopian models to name a few from the ones that drive him crazy.

So Crazy” is now available on all major streaming platforms and the video is available on YouTube

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How Ghana Jesus and Salinko clashed on set of ‘Destiny Changer’ music video shoot



Ghana Jesus and Salinko clashed on set of 'Destiny Changer' music video shoot

Selassie Selah, a Gospel musician, managed to bring Ghana Jesus and Salinko on set during the shooting of the music video for his single track , Destiny Changer.

In the video, Ghana Jesus was seen instructing Selassie Selah to go and spread the Gospel to Salinko and the people of Shuayemobo ( Ninive)

Ghana Jesus and Salinko did not meet in the music video and could this suggest that they are still beefing each other.

Could it also suggest that, both of them were not aware they were being featured in the music video?

Destiny changer is an evergreen live recording song which is making waves across the country. Some of the people featured in the music video have seen their Destiny’s changed by getting their dream jobs while others have traveled abroad.

Award winning instrumentalist played the various instruments.

Dan Grahl played the Base Guitar, Emmanuel Bludu played the drums whiles Dominic Quarchie played the lead Guitar. TheBoss PI played the keyboard and produced the song whiles the music video was directed by Tom, Majik studio and Selassie Selah.

The music video is on YouTube and the audio is available on all digital stores and streaming sites.
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Akwaboah Releases visuals for Lighthouse Intro




Highlife sensation Akwaboah has released the Intro to his much anticipated Lighthouse Album.

The intro which features Nana Asaase is a carefully crafted poetry recital made to the tune of traditional African instruments.

According to Akwaboah, he has always been a fan of Nana Asaase’s lyrical craftsmanship and needed him capture in words the essence of the Lighthouse project.  Nana Asaase in this Intro makes a historical musical connection from Akwaboah’s grandfather, down to his father and then to him – musicians connected by Highlife, the mother of all African music. 

The words in the Lighthouse intro speak to Akwaboah’s claim to fame as the Lighthouse of Ghana music. It highlights the influence of Highlife as the source of all Ghanaian music and establishes Akwaboah’s Highlife lineage and legacy as the flag bearer of Highlife music.

Lighthouse album is the most recent project for Akwaboah since he produced the critically acclaimed “Mary” album for Sarkodie in 2015 and followed with his own ‘Matters of the Heart’ Album in 2018 and the Lighthouse EP in 2021. All of these projects were well received and Akwaboah intends to show growth as an artist on this new project

The Lighthouse project is meant to showcase Akwaboah’s prowess as a Singer – Songwriter, Producer and Performer.

Meanwhile Akwaboah has scheduled a private album listening on Tuesday 21st November 2023 ahead of the album release on Friday 24th November 2023.

Fans can presave the album using the following link

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Zeetown Melody unleashes infectious afro fusion anthem ‘Wagon’ featuring Medikal, takes YouTube by storm with 200K+ views!



Zeetown Melody

In the vibrant musical landscape of Ghana, Zeetown Melody (ZeetM), the dynamic music duo comprising Adekid and Jay Smith, has once again set the stage ablaze with their latest Afrofusion single, “Wagon.”

Produced by the skillful Kayso, the talented duo showcases their unique blend of musical prowess in collaboration with renowned rapper Medikal.

“Wagon” is a testament to Zeetown Melody’s ability to seamlessly fuse various musical elements, creating a sound that resonates with fans across diverse tastes. The accompanying music video, a visual masterpiece, adds an extra layer to the auditory experience, enhancing the overall appeal of the track.

The reception on YouTube has been nothing short of phenomenal, with “Wagon” amassing an impressive 187,588 views and counting. This online success speaks volumes about the duo’s growing fan base and their ability to captivate audiences on a global scale.

Zeetown Melody is not just relying on the virtual realm to spread their musical magic. The duo has embarked on a commendable media tour, connecting with fans and sharing insights into the making of “Wagon.”

A pivotal moment in Zeetown Melody’s journey with “Wagon” was the successful video premiere held at Alora Beach. The event served as a platform to bring their music to life, creating an immersive experience for attendees. The positive response from the live audience further solidifies the duo’s position as rising stars in the Ghanaian music scene.

In conclusion, Zeetown Melody’s latest release is more than just a song – it’s a testament to their growth as artists, their ability to transcend musical boundaries, and their commitment to leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene. As the views on YouTube soar and the media tour gains momentum, one thing is clear – Zeetown Melody is on a journey to musical greatness, and “Wagon” is their latest milestone along the way.

Stream Wagon here –

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CHÉ WULAAM draws Savaga and Essilfie out for a steamy affair in the long-awaited visuals of ‘Anadwo Remix’




When ‘Anadwo’ made its way onto music stores in February of 2022, it was certain CHÉ WULAAM had an exciting song on his hands. The sensual tune–an ode to frisky night-time adventures, quickly received attention from fans of the Ghanaian star, who loved its catchy melody and deeper meaning. Listen here:

Fast forward to November 2023 and CHÉ WULAAM is taking the song to the next level. The ‘Pla Cebo’ crooner adds the soulful vocals of Essilfie to the tried-and-tested performance of Savaga to bring a new dimension to the long-awaited remix. And there’s an accompanying video that lays it all out.

CHÉ WULAAM brings the sensual mood of ‘Anadwo Remix’ to life under the direction of his alter ego Wulaam and co-directors Kobe Outta and Bob Marley. The video takes viewers inside Bushman’s Cottage at 2:30 AM, where a steamy affair unfolds. The kaleidoscope of colors and dynamic shots available guarantee you won’t take your eyes off CHÉ WULAAM, Savaga and Essilfie, who deliver captivating performances. The latter adds her girl power to the remix, bringing a new dimension and flavor that the original lacked.

If you somehow missed out on ‘Anadwo’ last year, CHÉ WULAAM gives you an even better experience to make amends. The spicy new remix offers a tempting escape into the weekend and an opportunity to get into CHÉ WULAAM’s discography. You can check out his “Vibeland” EP, a collaborative project between him, VIRGMOB and Young Gustavo here:

Watch how the steamy affair unfolds in Bushman’s Cottage.

Instagram: wulaam
Twitter/X: @CheWulaam

Instagram: essilfiemusic
Twitter/X: @EssilfieMusic
Facebook: Essilfie Music

Instagram: savagaofficial
Twitter/X: @savagaofficial
Facebook: Savaga

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