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D-Black in a recent interview claimed that he dated Yvonne Nelson when he was 19 years. But the actress has denied the claims.  “I dated Yvonne Nelson when I was 19 years old. I dated her before I became D-Black and she became the Yvonne Nelson that we all know,” D-Black revealed. He further said he dated Yvonne during their High School day but the relationship could not stand the test of time because of the distance between them.They had enrolled in different tertiary institutions. However, the actress, reacting to the claim says she never dated the rapper. She told Okay FM in an interview that, “I don’t understand that story. I have known D-Black since Miss Ghana days but I don’t know if he was the one who said it or somebody wrote it. “I have never dated D-Black before,” the actress, who is also a producer stressed. “He was just a friend but I don’t know if he said it himself that he dated me when he was 19. Well maybe he likes me too much and he wants to say it,” Yvonne Nelson said.]]>