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Be proud of whatever hustle that won’t make you a beggar – Ayigbe Edem



Celebrities go through pressure from fans coming under their social media posts, and sometimes sending them direct messages to beg for money, and Ghanaian celebrities are no exception.

Ghanaian musician Ayigbe  Edem, who is baffled how some people are not ashamed to beg for money, but are ashamed of certain types of jobs, took to twitter to lash out people who are fond of doing that.

Ayigbe Edem who described such behavior ‘pure stupidity’, at the end of his tweet, advised that people should be proud of whatever job they could do, that will put food on their tables, and stop that behavior of incessant begging.

“Some of you are not ashamed to beg for money:But u are ashamed of certain job types…Pure stupidity..Be proud of whatever hustle won’t make you beg” he tweeted.




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