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D-Black set for debut solo, ‘Music, Love & Life’

Following the success of his collaborative album with Kweku T, D-Black is set to launch his debut solo on September 25, at the Cinderella’s Niteclub in Accra.  Already touted as Ghana’s most anticipated hiphop album of the year, ‘Music, Love & Life’ features the popular song, ‘Somebody featuring Kwabena Kwabena’. The Saturday launch will include […]



Following the success of his collaborative album with Kweku T, D-Black is set to launch his debut solo on September 25, at the Cinderella’s Niteclub in Accra.  Already touted as Ghana’s most anticipated hiphop album of the year, ‘Music, Love & Life’ features the popular song, ‘Somebody featuring Kwabena Kwabena’.

The Saturday launch will include performances from D-Black and the artists that appeared on the album including Samini, Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem, Kwabena Kwabena, Guru, Efya, Reggie Rockstone, The Skillionz, Dr. Cryme, Iwan, and The Black Avenue Muzik Family. There will also be several celebrity guests passing through, as well as the first time ever performance of the ‘Move Remix’ by D-Black, Kwaku-T, Samini, Asem, Tinny & Ayigbe Edem.

Track List for ‘ Music, love & Life’

1. Get on da Dancefloor ft. Dr. Cryme (Prod : Dr. El)

2. Intoxicated ft. X.O Voe (Prod: Coptic)

3. Still – w/ Sante (Prod: Stevie Hwoang)

4. Chaskele (Prod: Gafacci)

5.Yes Boss ft. Bra Kevin Beatz (Prod: Bra Kevin Beatz)

6. One More Drink (Prod: Gafacci)

7. Somebody ft. Kwabena Kwabena (Prod: Jounide)

8. Knock u awt ft. Ayigbe Edem & Guru (Prod : Gafacci)

9. Plastic Smile ft. Iwan (Prod: Jounide)

10. One Boss (Prod: Gafacci)

11.Galanja ft. Sammie Blacc (Prod: Sammie Blacc)

12. Pompidoe (Prod: Gafacci)

13. True Love ft. Efya (Prod: Kwam 1)

14. Stick Up ft. Sarkodie (Prod: Gafacci)

15. Hustla Muzik ft. Samini (Prod: Kilmatic)

16. Wondeful World ft. Wyclef Jean & Kwaku-t (Prod : M.A)

17.Firewoman ft. Buffalo Souljah(Zimbabwe) (Prod: Killmatic)

18. Stop it ft. 2 Face( Nigeria), J-Town, Kwaku-t (Prod:

19. Asabone ft. Reggie Rockstone (Prod: Piesie)

20. Believe (Prod : Chantelle Myerz)



Madonna, Steff London, Liquor Rose other celebs join Bisa Kdei Jwe challenge



Good music they say is timeless and it’s such a great feeling to see Ghanaian artistes dominating social media with their music.
Multiple award winning musician Bisa Kdei has his “Jwe” hit single take over Tik Tok and Instagram
Despite being released in 2016, Bisa Kdei’s Jwe has generated a new challenge for millions of Tiktok users around the world.

The ‘Jwe’ song has been the center of trends with many users creating some fascinating videos on the app.

Celebrities around the world including Stefflon Don, America’s Queen Of Pop, Madonna, Tayco, Korra Obidi, etc have all joined the challenge with some intriguing dance moves.

‘Jwe’ has racked more than 10 millions streams across various digital platforms and has topped music charts in and outside Ghana.

Bisa Kdei who has numerous hit singles to his credit has been the limelight for Ghanaian Highlife music over the past years.

Bisa Kdei has been dominating numerous new portals over the past days after he met with top Hollywood David E. Talbert and his spouse Lyn Sisson Talbert on his next project.

You can watch some of the video challenge here:

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Veteran actor Kohwe reported dead after suffering from stroke



Legendary Ghanaian actor, Kofi Laing, popularly known as Kohwe, has died. (more…)

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Congratulations!!! Gyakie completes her studies at KNUST Business School



Ghanaian “Song Bird,”Gyakie has officially completed her university studies.  (more…)

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Dope Nation and QUAMINA MP etc for Kasapreko Alomo Sankwan Ignite 2021



The CIMG award winning brand activation programme , Kasapreko ‘Alomo Sankwan’ hits back at every Bar & Restaurant in Western , Central , Ashanti and Greater Accra Regions starting this weekend at Weija Scc in Accra with a reloaded edition called Alomo Sankwan Ignite 2021 of the on September 19th, 2021.

The initiative, which takes the form of a tour, will visit some pre-selected Drinking Bars and Restaurants , including London Bar, Highway Joint and Climax it on Sunday at 1+1 Pub , with the goal of entertaining and rewarding consumers of Kasapreko Company Ltd.
Alomo Bitters’ success is traced deep down to the roots of its authentic herbal composition and organic appeal.

Africa’s giant beverage company Kasapreko Company Limited produces over 26 variants of Spirit Liquors, Ciders and Beers , Carbonated Soft Drinks , Wines and water under its portfolio.
The ISO Certified Company and a of Ghana Club 100 is set to break new grounds with consumer reward activations across the country.

According to the organizers of the promotion (Kaya Management Services) , the much-anticipated brand activation programme will treat the residents of McCarthy Hills and Weija Scc to wonderful entertainment, free food and beverages, and good musical performances from Dope Nation, Quamina MP, Kwesi Swat, Fati & Honey Groove Band, and many others.

Event goers would be eligible to win instant prizes ranging from Cash, Mobile Phone, Airtime and other Souvenirs if only the Alomo Bitters “Show Man” spots them drinking any Kasapreko product.

The event will feature your favorite celebrities joining the party train to share Alomo Bitters with fans amidst music and dancing, while you eat the best Ghanaian dishes with friends and family at your favorite local restaurant.

In 2015, the indigenous beverage company, Kasapreko’s Alomo Sankwan was adjudged the brand activation programme of the year 2014 at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG) awards.

It was rewarded for positioning Alomo bitters as the number one authentic preferred bitters in Ghana which serves as an appetizer before a good meal and has seen great patronage in the Eastern, Ashanti, Western and Greater Accra regions of Ghana.

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TV3 announces Mentor X



Leading Ghanaian television station, TV3 Network has this week announced the return of its popular music reality show, Mentor. This year’s edition, which is dubbed Mentor X, will mark the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the show on Ghanaian television. (more…)

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How Does Delta-8 Work?



You may have heard of Delta-9 THC, the marijuana extract with psychoactive compound that can get you high and make you feel dizzy and out of control. This is not Delta-9 THC, this is Delta-8 THC. And in this article, we are going to talk about how it works and why it’s the smarter choice for many people. And we are going to do all this without ever mentioning any kind of slang or using any type of drugs or alcohol.


– What is it?


Delta-8 THC is a kind of cannabis extract that is psychoactive, just like the Delta-9 THC. It does have some psychoactive properties but it’s nowhere near as strong as Delta-9 THC. If you want to know more about this type of drug you should know that it’s considered legal in most countries around the world, and it’s also available in online shops.


– What is Delta-8 sold as?


You can find it in various forms, all of which are more or less the same. You can get it in the form of pills, sometimes with other substances added to it in order to improve its effects. You can also find them combined with other compounds like Cannabis Sativa and Hemp. In fact, you can even find them mixed together on the same package. Some shops offer you an option to choose which one you prefer most out of the two.


– How does it work?


Well, as previously mentioned, Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance and it will make you feel very euphoric and happy throughout the day. However, unlike the regular Delta-9 THC, this is not a hallucinogenic drug that can change your perception of reality while you are on it. So this means you will be able to function normally without any problem. If you’re trying to improve your mood, you won’t be able to do it if you take this compound but that doesn’t mean it can’t help improve your mood.


Delta-8 is also known as the ‘couch lock’ drug and that describes one of its most popular uses. Once you take this substance, you will not feel like doing anything at all and if you somehow force yourself to do something then it won’t be easy for you. Of course, this is a good thing as it will give you the chance to relax and just do nothing for a while.


– Which medical conditions can Delta-8 THC help with?


As we’ve already said, Delta-8 THC has some psychoactive properties that can affect your mood and create a feeling of euphoria when you are on them. Some people may use it to deal with certain medical conditions like anxiety, PTSD or depression but they should be aware that these are not effective treatments in most cases. What they can do is to help you deal with your symptoms better.


– How is it different from Delta-9 THC?


Officially, there is no difference between the two compounds, at least not when it comes to the chemical structure and their effects on the body. The only thing that makes them different is their psychoactive properties.


– Is it safe?


According to the FDA, Delta-8 is safe enough to use as long as you don’t feel any adverse effects from it. However, if you decide to use it, I would recommend that you take extra care with your health at all times and never ignore any possible health issues while using this drug. I would also advice that you exercise caution when using it so as not to become addicted to Delta-9 THC.


– Is there any harmful effects?


Delta 8thC is a natural product of cannabis that has been carefully extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. It does not contain any type of harmful substances or even contaminants. You can find it in online stores and you can use it freely as long as the daily dose you take doesn’t exceed 20mg of Delta-8 THC. Overdosing might lead to allergies, anxiety, blurred vision and other unpleasant side effects.


– How much does it cost?


As with any other drug, you will have to pay for it so make sure you’re prepared to spend some money on it. I would advise that you don’t break the bank while buying Delta-8 as there are many other drugs out there that are much more effective than this one.


– In conclusion:


Because Delta-8 is is s natural product



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