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The 5 Biggest Training Mistakes Women Should Avoid



Most women who seek training advice have specific goals they want to achieve. They can get into training for stamina improvement, developing strength, losing weight, getting healthy, and appearing good. However, there is a lot of misleading information circulating purporting to provide ways in which all these objectives can be attained faster. In the end, you realize that you have not achieved the results you so much desired.

You can maximize your athletic performance, develop progressive fat-free mass and tissue, and improve muscle mass with the help of well-researched and reliable steroids. For instance, turinabol 10 can help you achieve all these. This oral steroid will cater for your performance needs, but it will work better when complemented with training. You might be making mistakes during your training without actually realizing it. Watch out for these 5 training mistakes that can hamper your progress.

  1.      Assuming cardio is everything

For a number of years women have been told that cardio is a means of getting slim, while weight and strength training will make them heavy. However, this is not true. Doing just aerobics and cardio is not the beginning and the end of all training. Though both still hold their place, muscle development is a better solution for body improvements. Training with a high intensity will augment your workouts and build up muscles which will aid in burning of calories.One way to do this is by using a treadmill. It can be at home or at a gym, whichever you prefer, but if you do decide to work on it, you should first check out some guides on to find the best type for you.

  1.      Skipping  warm-ups

This is usually a mistake committed by almost everybody and not just women. Warm-ups prepare your body for workouts while helping in the preventing of injury occurrences. Usually people get into gyms and go straight to a machine or the weights they intend to use. It is important though to spend 5-6 minutes on a treadmill warming your body up as it increases blood flow to your muscles and increases your core temperature.

  1.      Having unrealistic expectations

Having expectations which are unrealistic is an ingredient of a failed training program. You may want to appear like a popular celeb, but that requires great commitment. It will not happen overnight. Your efforts will bear less or no fruits if you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Set goals which are achievable while giving yourself enough time to obtain the results. These goals should be small and easily manageable as they will grant you the motivation required to progress.

  1.      Obsession with scales

Though weight is among the factors that determine health and fitness, it is not the only indicator of health and fitness. You should not be obsessed with weighing yourself – a mistake commonly committed by women. Your weight does not determine your state of health. Calculation of the body mass index does not either. There are many flaws in the calculation which make it inaccurate.

  1.      Overdoing it with cardio

This is one of the most common training mistakes women make. Doing cardio is good for the body, heart, mind, and soul. It aids in burning excess fats in the body, thus losing weight. However, there is a possibility of overdoing it. You can reach a point where you cannot burn fats like you used to. This is as a result of doing cardio relentlessly, every day. When cardio is done routinely, the body gets used to whatever external stimulus it is subjected, and you will experience little or no change. It is recommended you do short cardio exercises while trying new things that will keep your body guessing.

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