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5 reasons why our cinemas must be opened immediately



The coming of Covid-19 to Ghana deprived us of so many privileges. It began as a lockdown which curtailed our movements. And then, people started losing their jobs when their companies started laying off their staff. Some institutions which couldn’t stand the pangs of the pandemic eventually folded up.

Sooner or later, churches went on a recess and bounced back after restrictions were removed. Public vehicles resumed admitting to their full capacity. Students returned to school. Life seemed to be returning to normal. However, a year and a month after Ghana experienced its lockdown, cinemas and theaters are still under lockdown.

Undoubtedly, the creative arts industry is one of the hardest hit as far as the woes of corona are concerned. As long as social gatherings have been banned, the source of livelihood of many whose career hinge on such will become wobbly.

Truth is, if churches are not a breeding ground for the virus, it goes without saying that the cinemas and theaters are not either. If our ‘trotros’ can admit passengers without any social distancing, it is obvious that our cinemas and theaters pose little or no risk to their audience.

We have lived without live entertainment for over a year. In a country where we love storytelling to the bone, it is unfortunate our cinemas and theaters are still closed. It is about time we resumed our cinema and theater culture. At least, these five reasons below should be enough to propel us to open our cinemas and theaters.

Therapeutic effect

There is healing in our theaters and cinemas. The beauty about a well-written movie or stage production is that it has a soothing effect on the audience. Every note of the music that emerges from a stage play or movie can go a long way to heal its audience.

In the times we find ourselves in, the best therapeutic tools to use are our theaters and cinemas. We are surrounded by a great cloud of negative news. We have been ambushed with bad happenings. The corona casualty keeps rising around the world. This is the best moment to use our theaters and cinemas to give Ghanaians the therapy they have been longing for.

A theater or cinema is a different world on its own. In here, magic happens. The stories told here add a whole new variety of colors to life. Different perspectives of life are brought to life in a theater. A camera brings into focus many exciting things about life when we walk into a cinema. This is the healing we need to stay sane all through the hustle and bustle of life. The power of our theaters and cinemas is inherent in their therapeutic power.

Stress reliever

A lot of Ghanaians are going through stress. Many are enduring so much pressure from work and life in general. Our cinemas and theaters are the places to go to in order to shed off some stress. If these event centers are busy during the weekends, some Ghanaians can take some time off their busy schedules to be revitalized.

The cast-audience interaction during a live production is all some people need to offload the pain they are going through. The interaction with other moviegoers is all others look forward to in helping them forget their countless problems.

The power our cinemas and theaters wield in relieving people of stress cannot be glossed over. In any community where creative arts is appreciated, there are only a few people who live under stress. This is because of its transforming power.


Our theaters and cinemas are classrooms. They are learning platforms that teach various lessons within a few hours of run-time. A story can educate people on different subjects such as sex, family and children among others. A movie or play can teach people about fields like Science, agriculture and technology among others.

Every story told in a cinema or theater has some sort of education as its foundation. There is always something new to learn. In these times when we are bent on educating the masses on the essence of wearing a face mask, for instance, a theater or cinema would have been the best platform to do so.

The beauty about the education a theater or cinema gives is the ability of its lessons to stay on the minds of its audience. As long as the education was dramatized, the lessons will never depart. This is one of the most important reasons our cinemas and theaters must be opened now.


Nothing beats being treated to some great romantic comedy every weekend in a cinema. There is nothing as entertaining as watching a riveting musical at the theater. Stage productions and movies come with a world of entertainment. They are a potpourri of everything we regard as entertainment ― from music to dance.

With many Ghanaians still unsure about the future of corona, our cinemas and theaters could be the safest places to be entertained to ease the uncertainty of such people. Watching a virtual show may not carry the same weight of entertainment as a live one.

Our theaters and cinemas provide decent entertainment for families. From the youngest to the oldest, there is always something to be entertained about. Opening such places up should be treated as an urgency.


A typical stage production brings together a team of not less than 100 people. Putting together a standard movie even requires a lot more people, at least, a production team of about 150. This points to the employability of the theater and movie industry and how profitable it is for those in the production value chain.

Closing theaters and cinemas means that there are thousands out there who will continually have no idea of where their daily bread is going to come from. Keeping such places shut means the needs of the dependents of all these creative people who benefit directly from the industry are never going to be met.

In our bid to safeguard Ghanaians from the virus, let’s not needlessly push them into the arms of poverty. In an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19, we must be careful not to deprive people of their daily bread. Hunger is a more dangerous virus than corona. A hungry man is a threat to the entire society.

Open our theaters and cinemas now!!!

Kobina Ansah is a Ghanaian playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing firm. Connect with him on all social media platforms.


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TOP 10 Motorcycles 2022: Today’s Best Bikes



The start of a new motorcycle season is a good reason to think about buying a new iron horse. We have selected the 10 best deals of this year, among which you will find sports Motorcycles, cruisers, and small-capacity models.

  • Suzuki hayabusa
  • BMW M1000RR
  • Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak
  • Honda grom
  • Harley Davidson pan America
  • BMW R18 Transcontinental
  • Indian super chief
  • Triumph bonneville bobber
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • Honda goldwing

Suzuki hayabusa

Known as the fastest production motorcycle, the Suzuki Hayabusa has been in production for over 20 years. The new third generation model features a 1340 cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine. The power unit complies with the Euro 5 exhaust standard and produces 187 hp. and a torque of 110 Nm. The bike gets cruise control, lift hold control, launch control and more.


BMW M Automotive has taken part in the development of a motorcycle based on the S1000RR sports model. Improved chassis geometry, carbon fiber wheels and AMP brakes. The redesigned 999cc liquid-cooled engine features Cam Shift Technology. The maximum power reaches 212 hp. (113 Nm), but it is limited to 205 hp. to meet exhaust and sound standards.

Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak

The 2022 Ducati Multistrada v4 Pikes Peak sports bike has achieved record service intervals of up to 37,500 miles by replacing the Desmodromic valve with conventional springs. The 4-cylinder 1158 cc engine achieves 170 hp. (125 Nm). The model has 17-inch wheels with sports tires, a fully adjustable inverted fork and a mono-shock absorber. Provides adaptive cruise control with radar support, blind spot monitoring, ABS, Wheelie control, traction control.

Honda Grom

In 2022, the model retained the 125cc air-cooled engine producing 10hp. The five-speed transmission allowed for extra energy at low revs. Redesigned seat and 5-spoke 20-inch wheels, LED headlights provide excellent lighting. ABS version available with IMU function.

Harley Davidson pan America

The motorcycle is presented in two specifications. Both received a 1250cc liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin engine with 145bhp. (122 Nm). The standard model received suspension components from Showa, while the special version received semi-active suspension technology, optional adaptive ride height and a full range of adventure parts (bumpers, centerstand, etc.).

BMW R18 Transcontinental

One of the best options for long distance travel. This cruiser is powered by a 1802cc twin-cylinder boxer engine with 91 horsepower. air / oil cooled. Transmission – six-speed with single-plate dry clutch. For greater comfort, you can choose between three driving modes. Standard driver assistance features include dynamic cruise control, lift control, automatic stability control, and reverse assist.

Indian Super Chief

The model is specially designed for long driving: with a cruiser steering wheel, windshield. The Super Chief is powered by an air-cooled 49 degree v-Twin Thunderstroke 111 ci. The package includes cruise control, optional ABS, different driving modes. A special feature of this motorcycle is the ability to deactivate the rear cylinder.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The cruiser got more muscular lines this year. The power plant of the Euro 5 standard is a two-cylinder 1200 cc engine with 76 hp. liquid-cooled, which is paired with a 6-speed transmission. Comfort and safety are provided by switchable traction control, cruise control, ABS.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

Designed as the name suggests, this model is for adventure. Perfect aerodynamic design, multiple driving modes, semi-active block suspension technology, 1301 cc Euro 5 engine with 160 hp. – this is not a complete list of the motorcycle’s advantages. The driver is assisted by two-channel adaptive cruise control, traction control, radar-dependent EPS with emergency braking and blind spot detection.

Honda Goldwing

For almost 50 years, the Honda Goldwing has been giving its owners the maximum pleasure from a comfortable ride. The 2022 is equipped with a new suspension, a 6-cylinder 1,833 cc engine with 125 hp. and 170 Nm of torque, a manual six- or seven-speed automatic transmission to choose from. The bike is nearly 90 pounds lighter and the roof rack has increased in volume. For the convenience of the driver, a TFT display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 4 driving modes and much more are provided.


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Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives embark on medical outreaches across the country



The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) as part of preparations for their Mega National launch, has organised medical outreaches in some parts of the country.

The Volta/Oti and the Central Regional branches of the Union on January 20, 2022, rolled out blood donation exercises as well as medical screening in Kete-Krachi, within the Krachi West Municipal Health Directorate.

This was for a myriad of health conditions such as Hypertension, HIV, Hepatitis B and Malaria.

Sugar levels (Random Blood Sugar) and Hemoglobin levels were also checked for beneficiaries with no cost involved.

The exercise supported by the Municipal Hospital and Health Directorate attracted over 60 residents for the blood donation exercise while over 100 were medically screened.

It had in attendance the Krachi West Municipal Hospital Deputy Director of Nursing Services (DDNS) as well as the Volta Regional Public Health Nurse.

A similar exercise was organised in the Central Region in collaboration with the Cape-Coast Teaching Hospital at the Abora market where several pints of blood were also donated.

Other regions are also expected to carry out similar exercises in the coming days.

The Union has been at the forefront of the nursing and midwifery profession and has been relentless in its quest to improve upon the working conditions of nurses and midwives in the country.

It is the first Union within the noble nursing/midwifery profession to institute a loan scheme dubbed the UPNMG Loan Scheme for its members which runs at an interest rate of 11%.

It has also another scheme for its members dubbed the UPNMG Mart/UPNMG Hire Purchase Scheme which has been in operation since May 2020.

The leadership of the UPNMG have also cushioned its members with the UPNMG Insurance via a partnership with Enterprise Life Insurance and is set to roll out the UPNMG Land Policy.

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Earning salary only manages poverty – Paul Mante



The Managing Director of EDC Investments Ltd, Paul Kofi Mante has advised salaried workers to invest and explore other streams of income in order to attain financial independence.

According to him, depending solely on monthly salary will only manage poverty and will never help one achieve financial independence to live a desired life.

“Traditionally, this has been the thinking, find a good education, find a good job with some secure benefit, work till you are 60 and get a good pension, this thinking belongs to the old school, it doesn’t work in the year 2022 and beyond.

“In the year 2022 and beyond, the new way of thinking is you have to manage personal finances so that you are able to create wealth but ultimately the reason why you are creating wealth is that you want to become financial independent which simply means getting to that stage where you can sustain your desired lifestyle without salary,” Mr Mante said on the Effective Living Series on Citi FM Tuesday, January 25.

Speaking on the theme ‘Rebuilding Wealth Through Financial Planning’, Mr Mante added that “Salary is the medicine for managing poverty, it does not cure poverty only an investment or business cures poverty, not all of us can run a business but everybody can invest because if you don’t find a way to make your money work whiles you are sleeping you will keep working at the time you must be sleeping.”

The MD for EDC also outlined five key areas that one must deliberately plan around in 2022 which includes; Retirement, Housing, Children’s Education, Giving back and the High Life.

Mr Mante also stated that the God Factor and appropriate information are the two key factors that can help one achieve financial independence and create wealth.

According to him, the God factor gives you the financial resources and attract the ideas and opportunities while having the appropriate information in the financial sector helps one to “manage, multiply and preserve what you have.”

Mr Mante admonished students and young people yet to start work to seek financial literacy to properly put in place measures that will help them become financially independent before the age of retirement.

In case you need help to draw up a financial plan you can contact an official at EDC Ghana by clicking the WhatsApp link attached


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BBC World News launches search to find exceptional talent in African journalism to continue to honour broadcasting heavyweight Komla Dumor



The BBC has begun the search for a future star of African journalism with the launch of the seventh BBC World News Komla Dumor Award.

The search for the next worthy winner of the Komla Dumor award launched with an online event on 26 January 2022, featuring an exclusive interview with Komla Dumor’s family.

The interview was conducted by the former winner, Victoria Rubadiri, who spoke with Komla’s widow, Kwansema Dumor, and two of their children in their home – the first time an award recipient has had an opportunity to learn more about Komla from his family in this way. Kwansema shared that she was ‘proud’ of her husband’s impact at the BBC, and also told Victoria that her family are “thankful to the BBC for remembering him” through the prize.

The BBC is encouraging journalists across Africa to apply for the prestigious prize, which seeks to promote and celebrate outstanding journalistic talent living and working on the continent.

The winner will spend three months working with BBC News teams in London across television, radio and online, and will be given the opportunity to sharpen their journalism skills through training, workshops, and mentorship with leading BBC journalists. As part of the placement, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to travel to a country in Africa to report on a story that they have researched, with the report broadcast to the BBC’s global audiences.

Applications close on February 16, 23:59 GMT.

Launched in 2015, the prize was set-up to honour the memory of the distinguished Ghanaian broadcaster Komla Dumor, who presented on BBC Africa and BBC World News. Known for championing robust, dynamic journalism and for his commitment to reporting African stories comprehensively and authentically, he made a significant impact on Africa and the rest of the world.

The BBC is committed to continuing Komla’s legacy through the Award by empowering journalists from Africa to tell original and nuanced African stories to reach international audiences.

Previous BBC World News Komla Dumor Award winners are:

  • Nancy Kacungira (2015)
  • Didi Akinyelure (2016)
  • Amina Yuguda (2017)
  • Waihiga Mwaura (2018)
  • Solomon Serwanjja (2019)
  • Victoria Rubadiri (2020)

During her placement Victoria travelled to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo to report on an app developed to improve transport safety in Kinshasa, the country’s capital city.

Victoria was presented with the award by BBC Director General, Tim Davie.

Victoria says: “Beyond the huge honour of elevating the memory of the late Komla Dumor, and the weight of the BBC recognising my work as a journalist, I have seen the growth in myself just in the last three months I spent in London. The training and exposure took my skills to the next level. This opportunity gave me a continental perspective of the news market and opened my mind to new ways of telling the African story.”

Liliane Landor, Senior Controller of BBC News International Services and Director of BBC World Service, says: “I’m delighted that the BBC World News Komla Dumor Award has returned for its seventh year. The previous winners have truly exemplified Komla’s dedication to telling Africa stories with depth, erudition, and insight. We are excited to find and welcome this year’s winner and see the legacy of Komla’s journalism continue.”

For more information about the award, including how to apply, entry criteria, and terms and conditions visit:


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Photos from the installation of Osu Mantse, Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV



On 22nd of January 2022, history was made in Osu. A new King was enstooled on this day. Thus, for the first time in 14 years the people of Osu will be led by one man as their King. This follows the death of Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI in February 2021 and the abdication of Nii Nortey Owuo III a few days ago behind closed doors. History may have it known that Nii Nortey Owuo III was enstooled in December 1984 and served as the King of Osu until the advent of Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI who was enstooled in May 2007.

The final enstoolment proceedings for Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV, the new osu manste, was performed at the Ajuwate We this past Saturday and was duly attended by representatives of all four quarters of Osu. The colorful event was engulfed with merrymaking amidst drumming, singing and dancing as indigenes of Osu embraced their King.

Profile of the King

Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV was born Bernard Nii Nortey Botchway to Mr. Christopher Nii Noi Botchway of Osu Owuo We (Kooloo ko We) and Mrs Victoria Akwele Naa Ahinee Botchway (nee Amarteifio) of Asere Amartse We. His grandfather was Mr Clement Augustus Botchway who was a previous head of family for Owuo We. He is a direct descendant of Nii Nortey Doku through Osu Mantse Nii Noi Owuo I and Mantsebi Nortei Kooloo ko.

Nii attended the Additrom School for his lower level education and was the head school prefect during his final year. He went on from there to Galaxy International School where he focused his studies on science related subjects but maintained an aptitude for the humanities and social sciences. Whiles at Galaxy he represented the school and country at the prestigious ISWEEEP Science Olympiad in Houston, Texas USA. Out of thousands of competitors he and his team mate secured bronze.

He pursued his undergraduate education at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire. There, Nii was a member of the Wesson High Honors Society, the Alpha Chi Honors society and repeatedly made the Deans list as testaments to his academic achievements. He was voted by his class as Class President, making him the first black person in the college’s history to achieve this. He was also voted Student Government President during his final year which also made him the first black person elected to this position. In addition, he was awarded the Barbera Johnson Stearns Leadership Award for his leadership excellence during his time at the university.

During those same years he was awarded a Resolution Fellowship at UN Youth Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City, USA. Nii attained his doctoral degree in law from the prestigious University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in North Carolina, USA. His joint paper of the Venezuelan debt crisis is published and cited. Nii is an assistant Professor and practicing lawyer by profession. His works with one the biggest banks in the world.

He continues to find time to teach including helping with classes at his alma mater. In 2020 Nii was inducted to into the NC Pro Bono Honour Society. Nii is also an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. Nii is on the board of Colby-Sawyer College, making him again the first black person to hold a board seat. He is a member of the American, North Carolina, and Mecklenburg County Bars. Nii enjoys a large variety of leisure activities including football, reading, hiking, and gardening. He is a life-long supporter of Arsenal FC and the Accra Hearts of Oak FC.

Words of the King

In His address to the press and general public He indicated His reign will focus on the development of Osu, education of its children and the skillful development of the youth. He thanked all the houses and quarters who came together to support in the enstoolment process. He expressed his gratitude for a successful and peaceful process and prayed it continues as the development of Osu can only happen when there is peace. Notse promised to unite Osu and work with the Osu traditional council and elders to ensure growth and development in Osu.

By Desmond Isaac Addo

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Meet James Ganyo, the man who walked away with GHS 100,000 from AirtelTigo “To Gu Me So” PROMO



One man beat the odds among the over 50,000 customers who participated in the ‘To Gu Me So’ promotion. James Ganyo, a resident of Lakeside Estate who walked away with the amazing prize of GHS 100,000 in the just ended AirtelTigo “To Gu Me So” promotion is now the talk of the town.


Speaking to the media, James recounts how he was able to make the spot as the overall winner: “It feels good to win. I did what I do normally on AirtelTigo, this time around I did more; I engaged in the weekly trivia, made transactions with AirtelTigo Money and purchased extra points. This is just how it happened.”

“AirtelTigo has proven to be different and honoured their promise. I still can’t believe I am a GHS 100,000 richer, for just doing more with my AirtelTigo number.”

“We have seen many promotions that have been twisted in ways that have dampened the spirit of customers from active participation. Most of these promos already have winners, very high targets and organizers do not fulfill their promises to customers,” he added.


James, like many other customers who are skeptical about these promotions was declared the overall winner and walked away with such a huge prize. He echoed his sentiments: “AirtelTigo “To Gu Me So” has made me believe in promos.”


If you’re wondering, like many others, what James’ plans for the money are, he intends to invest the money wisely.

AirtelTigo’s “To Gu Me So” promotion was launched in October last year to show appreciation to customers. The promo rewarded customers hourly with call minutes and data as well as Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cash prizes, all based on Recharge and Usage. Overall, over 50,000 customers won One Million Ghana Cedis Cash plus other prizes.


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