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image011The ‘WOVEN WISDOM’, is Vlisco’s latest collection for the first season of the year, 2016. Vlisco’s designers found inspiration in the rich, multi-layered world of textiles, zooming in to capture all the intricate details whilst getting up close and personal with techniques like knitting and weaving, to create these exceptional designs. They have carefully examined fascinating features in textiles and nature, and given them bold new interpretation.

Vlisco’s newest collection has two distinct features which are the designs and sensational colours.








The designs

WOVEN WISDOM features polished silhouettes of the 50s as the textiles are woven together with a daring mix of knit patterns and animal skin designs.








16Q1_CAMPAIGN_LTE_05_106.jpgSensational Colours

Vlisco is known to be colour crazy and this has been demonstrated in this season’s collection. Designers incorporated a new blushing salmon pink which adds a feminine touch to the fabric and also brings out that powerful palette of the WOVEN WISDOM.



16Q1_CAMPAIGN_WH_02_05.jpgLimited Edition: Copious Copper

Vlisco’s Limited Edition fabrics are a highly desired item, and this season will be no exception. Selected designs from the WOVEN WIDSOM collection are lavished in copper, an eye-catching metallic colour with a heart-warming glow.




From the Vlisco runways, straight to your next cocktail party! The latest Prêt-a-Porter collection introduces two party-perfect, ready-to-wear outfits in beautifully crafted Vlisco fabrics. Try on these at your nearest Vlisco Boutique in the Accra Mall.










Since 1846, Vlisco has been crafting unique textiles that influence the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. These fabrics reflect true Dutch craftsmanship and are still known as ‘Hollandais’, the French word for ‘Dutch’. Vlisco is still the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics, which are recognisable for their exceptional designs, distinctive colours and genuine wax craquelé.




Green Edition of Rhythms On Da Runway 2022 Launched



FB IMG 1664889162982

The 10th edition of one of Ghana’s prestigious events Rhythms on Da Runway has been launched in Accra. This year’s edition, dubbed: “the Green Edition”, is slated for 20th November, 2022 at the Grand Arena.

The Green Edition is a celebration that will not only glorify the ingenuity of African talent, but also distill an extraordinary dream to shape up sustainable fashion in Africa. This births an opportunity for designers to envision, create, and bring to life unique collections that are as timeless as the nature that abounds in Africa.FB IMG 1664889148778

As foretells its longevity, this 10th Edition is set to incite designers to tell sustainable stories with their collections. This year’s edition will feature top designers and emerging designers from all corners of the African continent.
The event was officially launched at the LOTTE in Cantonments, Accra, by the CEO of Ghana Free Zones Authority, Amb. Mike Ocquaye, who applauded the organizers for their hard work in sustaining the event for the past decade. He underscored the need for stakeholders in the fashion world to make significant strides to abandon fast fashion and help build an industry that is preserving.FB IMG 1664889118294

CEO of Nineteen57 Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) said, “Rhythms on da Runway” has over the years become an important contributor to the creative economy and serves as a new prospect for developing countries like Ghana to diversify its economies and leapfrog into new, high-growth sectors of the world economy towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It is inscribed in our framework of values to work fiercely to make a difference in Africa’s orange economy.”

FB IMG 1664889118294
Among the performers during the night were Edem, Queendalyn, Kwaakwa, Chris, Vanilla, Franklyn and the Kentosband. This year’s main event will also witness great music performances from a league of music legends.
The Rhythms On The Runway looks to being the leading threshold for Africa’s music and fashion in generations to come.FB IMG 1664889107546 FB IMG 1664889101744 FB IMG 1664889090800 FB IMG 1664889079325 FB IMG 1664889075222 FB IMG 1664889071321 LHI IMG 216 LHI IMG 94 LHI IMG 155 LHI IMG 81 LHI IMG 78

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Look modern, feel traditional with Banarasi sarees



img 4480

Any event is the perfect time to don a banarasi saree. Women have a strong cultural bond with the banarasi saree that cannot be replaced. We know how highly regarded beautiful zari work, and banarasi sarees are. Every woman wants to have the classic selection of banarasi sarees in her closet because of the rich pure banarasi saree fabric’s tradition of elegance and class.

Styles of wearing

How to wear a flawless banarasi saree on various occasions is one of the numerous queries regarding adorning. Alternatively, how can I decide which banarasi fabric is appropriate for the situation?

Many of us enjoy traditionally donning a banarasi saree to preserve the elegance and class of the banarasi saree. However, we also don’t mind trying new, fashionable banarasi saree drapery techniques.

If you hold a six-yard drape of grace with confidence and grace, it will appear even more stunning.

  • Banarasi Saree in Traditional Style: Banarasi saree has been worn for centuries and has been immortalized in the art and architecture of India. Wear a hand-loomed, luxurious banarasi silk saree if you’re attending a family wedding.
  • Wear it traditionally (Seedha pallu style) for the ultimate royal effect and accessorise with bold jewellery. Add accessories like bangles, anklets, etc., making your outfit look more eye-catching and appealing to others around you!
  • Pure Banarasi Saree with open pallu: A pure banarasi saree is a good choice if you’re attending a summer wedding and want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. To achieve a magnificent look, style the saree with an open pallu and a solid, deep V-neck, sleeveless blouse in a different colour. Finish the outfit with a dramatic layer of jewellery.
  • Banarasi Saree in Neck Drape Style: The tussar silk saree is the perfect option for daytime social engagements. The plush material is so cosy and elegant-looking. By twisting the pallu like a scarf, a pure banarasi silk saree can be worn in a bohemian manner. For a stylish style ideal for your social event, pair it with silver oxidised earrings.
  • Banarasi Saree With Belt: The Banarasi silk saree is the perfect option if you plan to attend a nighttime event. Get a handcrafted banarasi silk saree so you can grace the occasion. Put a belt around your banarasi saree. Use the pallu to create flawless plates. To fit the pallu snugly around the waist, add a belt. It looks great when worn with an off-the-shoulder blouse and jewellery traditionally.
  • Banarasi Saree In Dhoti Style: To achieve the most sophisticated and bohemian look for a cocktail party, choose any soft colour tissue linen pure banarasi saree and drape it in dhoti style. To improve your appearance, wear some jewellery in a boho style. Tissue silk Banarasi sarees are simple to find online. It


Pure Banarasi silk sarees come in a large variety of designs and patterns add to these. These are classic jewels that will always be in style. So, if you’re considering purchasing a Banarasi saree online, feel free to let go of any inhibitions and update your wardrobe.

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Viking Bracelet For Your Business




So, you’re in the market for a new bracelet. But not just any bracelet – a Viking bracelet. A piece of stylish and functional jewelry will make you feel empowered and motivated to take on whatever the day throws your way. With so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect one for you and your business? Look no further – this guide will help you select the perfect Viking bracelet for your professional needs.

  1. Size Matters:

The first step in finding your perfect Viking bracelet is determining what size you need. Do you want a bracelet that is delicate and dainty? Or bold and chunky? The size of your wrist will also play a role in which style of bracelet looks best on you. If you have a small wrist, go for a thinner bracelet that won’t overwhelm your frame. Conversely, if you have a larger wrist, you can choose a chunkier style without worry. This jewelry store provide different sizes of bracelets and you can have a look.

  1. Think About The Materials:

When it comes to Viking bracelets, there are several different materials to choose from – like leather, silver, or even gold. What type of metal do you usually gravitate towards? Do you prefer the look of leather or suede? Choose a material that not only looks good on you but also matches your personal aesthetic. If you are looking for a statement piece, go big with an oversized silver or gold cuff. If you want something a little more subdued, opt for a thin leather strap with an intricate metal clasp.

  1. Consider The Color:

Color is another important factor to think about when choosing your Viking bracelet. Do you want something that will stand out and make a statement? Or do you prefer more understated jewelry? Metallics are always a good choice if you want something versatile that will go with everything in your closet. If you are looking for something a little more unique, try out one of the many colored leather or bone options available on the market today.

  1. Make sure the Fit is Right:

The fit is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a Viking bracelet. Do you have a small or larger wrist? Are you looking for something that will slide easily over your hand, or do you want something with a bit more grip? With so many different designs and materials available, it can be tough to find the perfect fit.

  1. Think About What You Would Like To Wear It With:

Do you want your Viking bracelet to be the focal point of your outfit, or do you want to pair it with other accessories for a complete look? If you are looking for something that will stand out easily, go with something in bolder colors or a more intricate design. However, opt for something less flashy if you want your bracelet to blend in and be part of the ensemble.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the perfect Viking bracelet for yourself or your business can seem like a daunting task. But with this guide, hopefully, it’s a little easier! Remember to consider size, materials, and color when selecting – and don’t be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone. After all, fashion is all about taking risks!


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Sarkodie, Pure Akan and others support Kirani Ayat in his copyright dispute with Ghana Tourism Authority




More creatives in Ghana’s entertainment industry have joined Kirani Ayat’s campaign to seek compensation for the Ghana Tourism Authority’s use of his intellectual property. (more…)

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Meet Ellanore; the Ghanaian fashion brand stapling its name in the hearts of many



thumbnail 1
Being uniquely creative in a saturated industry as the fashion industry requires more than just the ability to make a perfect stitch. Just as they say, Imagination encircles the world. Ellanore; a Ghanaian fashion brand through its creative ingenuity is spearheading a new paradigm in today’s fashion space.
Raised in a fashion-obsessed household, Emmanuella Abena Amankwah, an old student of Radford University, the face behind the undisputed brand ELLANORE, has grown to become a household name in the fashion industry while cherishing her desire and strides to make fashion her residence and also, ignite some difference while at it.
Born and raised in Ghana by an affectionate and devoted fashion-oriented mother, Emmanuella, from the get go knew what she wanted, and marked her tracks in achieving that.



Though her ambitions of becoming a seasoned fashion designer were boundless and could not be distracted, she was poised for global excellence and has since worked assiduously towards that.
Her love to create and bring her creative designs to life has been the foundation of her brand. As talented as she is, it is no surprise her outstanding works speak heavily for themselves. Her secret, the desire to see her customers satisfied and happy.
Emmanuella began her fashion brand in 2017 and jumped unto the online platform in the year 2020. She is an all-round fashion designer with great experience in both haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces. She strives to create clothes that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing to stay relevant.
For her, making a perfect garment demands more than just body measurement. The herculean process of creating and making an ideal gown goes through diverse analysis and selection process, including who is wearing it, where it is being worn, and how it must be worn.
While at this, there is also the task of considering materials to work with, as well as a range of colors, designs, accessories, and styles to choose from.
As the creative face behind the Ellanore brand, Emmanuella Abena Amankwah focuses on certain concepts and as a fashion designer, centers on making a statement when it comes to her designs rather than selling out.
According to Abena Amankwah, though the work sometimes can be nerve-racking and stressful, her daughter and family have been her biggest source of inspiration. She however added that it is most fulfilling to receive recommendations from clients who happily wear your brand’s custom-made outfits.
Ella, whose mother takes center stage of her business and growth obviously has got a big shoe to fill, and that she take with pride.
Madam Jane Eck of Janeck Fashion has been a major source of strength to her daughter. Though aged, madam Jane Eck till date, oversees production and plays a role in the affairs of Ellanore. It is no wonder their works exhumes so much life.
Speaking on some challenges associated with her work, the CEO of Ellanore mentioned that with a chunk of her client being foreign-based, it sometimes becomes a challenge to get accurate measurements since you would have to take customers through a guided live video session on how to take body measurements.
Yet, Emmanuella and her team know no limitations, work on all body types and shapes, and nail them all. Even though her brand specializes in making clothes for women, she still has plans on bringing men on board.
As a brand, she specializes in creating clothes which will sway you away, put a smile on your face and leave constantly satisfied. To Emmanuella, her customers are her first and foremost priority.
Her loving and pursuing heart makes her fond of her clients and makes sure they enjoy working with her. Her adventurous spirit creates a satisfying environment to slay on her designs.
She aims at adding beautiful touches to her work from size 6 down to even a size 22. She hammers the word neat in her job description and makes it professional.
Ellanore has been in the fashion design industry for 5 years and she’s not stopping until her dream of becoming a world-known fashion label becomes a reality.
By : William Lamptey
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Artistic Fashion House Sprayground Reinvents Futuristic Style With Collection Designed For Time-Travelers



N1 chZnM scaled

Sprayground – the world’s most rebellious, artistically innovative fashion brand, known for its unique and vibrant accessories and backpacks – has unveiled ‘Future Traveler’, a capsule collection with biomorphic shapes and space-age silhouettes to give time travelers a transformed look on their next journey. (more…)

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