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A Guide For Choosing A Car Rental



Afridi Rent a Car islamabad

When you go on vacation, you seek ways that you can choose a car rental company that can hook you up with a car to drive. Let’s have a look at how to get the most out of your next car rental. Granted, you could hire a taxi in another country, but this will cost you more than if you rented a car.

Use a Credit Card

After you arrive, the Gold Coast Airport Car Rental will most likely prefer that you use a credit card. You don’t have to use a credit card, but they prefer this to other choices. If you don’t use a credit card, the company will look at your credit score to see that you can afford the charges. They could approve or deny you based on this. With a credit card, you don’t have to worry about it. The company doesn’t do a credit check when you pay through the credit card. You can read more on credit sesame reviews to to see what is best for you. 

Choose Green Carefully

When you go to select a car from a rental company, you have to understand how not every company will tell you the truth about the greenness of its vehicles. For that reason, you should do research of your own to understand how to best proceed. Look at the cars in each category because the car being lauded as green may not be the best choice. 

Plan for the Size of Your Group

American cars tend to offer more space than if you were to rent a European car. Be careful of the compact that you choose in European make because it may not fit the whole party. Along with the size of your group, you also have to look at the amount of luggage that you will carry.

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

Bigger cars consume more fuel, and they have greater difficulty with maneuvering. As a rental, you may want to pick out a mid-size rental. You don’t want too big of a car, but at the same time, you don’t want too small of one either. For that reason, you may find it beneficial to go with a mid-sized vehicle. They get better fuel economy, and they don’t cost as much to rent as the bigger cars.


Local: Better?

You can find plenty of international car rental companies available, but you will find that the local ones tend to offer you a more attractive price. That doesn’t mean that you will get a better deal in all cases, but you can usually get a lower price with some of the local companies. This depends on where you plan to travel. Read the reviews of the company before you book with them. Also, make sure you know the requirements for renting a car, especially abroad. Some car rental companies require a valid international driving permit (IDP), which is essentially a translation of your driver’s license from your home country.

How to Get a Better Deal

Some programs will offer you a better deal. You have frequent flier programs and credit card rewards programs that can help you to take advantage of better deals. Many credit card companies will even offer you greater rewards for using a car rental company. Another way to get a better deal is to check through your company. For example, if you happen to work with a company that rents cars often, you might be able to use this as a way to get a better deal on car rentals. You could also join the loyalty program of your rental car company to get a better deal.

One-Way Car Rentals

You should understand how one-way car rentals tend to cost more than regular rentals. The drop-off fees can grow astronomical over round-trip rentals, and you want to be aware of this in advance to avoid problems with it.

Choosing a car rental does take careful consideration. If you have kids below age 25 and they will drive the car, you could be charged more. Unfortunately, no matter how good your kid drives a car, the rental companies treat them all as the same. Understanding these things can help you to have a better experience when you go to rent a car. It ensures that you avoid some of the potentially negative things that can happen during a car rental. You want to have the best experience possible.      



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Cybersecurity Tips For 2024



USD Cyber Cybersecurity vs Information Security vs Network Security 2

Cybercrime is rampant in 2024, and many experts state that this is the biggest threat to modern organizations. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, utilizing AI and advanced tactics to cause damage to individuals and organizations that can be hard to recover from. A cyber attack can harm a business in many ways, including downtime, equipment repairs/replacements, financial losses, data losses, and reputation damage. This is why cybersecurity must be a priority for all organizations in 2024. With this in mind, this post will offer a few tips that will help you develop robust protection and continue your operations with confidence. 

Use Unique Passwords & MFA

Often, attacks are successful simply by working out a password. Therefore, you must have a password policy in place that requires staff to use unique passwords and different passwords for separate accounts. Additionally, MFA should be used to add an extra layer of protection. It is also good practice to change these passwords on a regular basis. 

Provide Training For Staff

One of the best tips for protecting your business is to provide security training for your team. 95% of cyber attacks succeed due to human error, so it is clear that this is an area that needs to be addressed. Training your team so that they can carry out their role safely, protect data, and detect scams like phishing will greatly improve your cybersecurity protection and give your team confidence. 


Leverage Restful APIs

You can also use restful APIs to improve your cyber defenses in 2024. You can use restful APIs to bolster your defense in a number of ways, including automating various security tasks and integrating with identity management platforms and incident response orchestration tools. By integrating security tools with restful APIs, you can both streamline operations and ensure that you respond to threats effectively. This all means that leveraging restful APIs is one of the best ways to enhance your security posture during a time when attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. 

Back Data Up Regularly

Data is incredibly valuable to any business in 2024, and this is why it is targeted heavily by cybercriminals. One of the best ways to protect your data and business is to back up sensitive information to a secure external location on a regular basis. This ensures you will always have access to data in the event of a cyber attack, hardware failure, or any other kind of disaster. 

Update Software ASAP


One of the worst habits to have regarding cybersecurity is delaying software updates. Although they can be disruptive, software updates will contain security patches that will offer protection against the latest threats. This is why you must make sure that you and your team perform updates as soon as possible.

These are a few of the best cybersecurity tips for this year. Every business needs to make cybersecurity a priority right now, with attacks so prevalent and criminals using increasingly sophisticated technologies and tactics. With this information, you should be able to bolster your security posture and protect your business and digital assets from cybercriminals in 2024 and beyond. 

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KobbySalm Quits Gospel Music?



kobbysalm 2020

In a recent heartfelt interview on MX24’s “The Plug” show with JKD, renowned Gospel artist KobbySalm opened up about the intense struggles he faces in his music career. Gospel artist KobbySalm revealed a deeply personal struggle he faces every night. Despite his passion and dedication to creating music that honors God, KobbySalm shared that he contemplates quitting music every time he goes to bed.

KobbySalm spoke openly about the immense challenges Gospel artists endure. “Every night, there’s a constant battle within me,” he confessed. “I find myself wrestling with the decision to quit music.” This internal conflict stems from the disparity between the effort he puts into his music and the support he receives.

Gospel artists often face unique hardships, balancing their desire to serve God through their art with the need for recognition and support. KobbySalm highlighted this issue, noting that despite their spiritual motivations, Gospel artists are still human and seek validation for their hard work. The lack of adequate support can lead to feelings of depression and discouragement. 

“You pour your heart and soul into your music, striving to please God, but there’s also that human desire for your hard work to be recognized and rewarded,” KobbySalm explained. The emotional toll of these down times can be overwhelming, pushing many Gospel artists to the brink of quitting. 

For KobbySalm, the battle is nightly. Each time he lies down to sleep, he confronts the decision to quit music. However, he finds solace and strength in his faith. “The Holy Spirit whispers words of encouragement and gives me the strength to continue,” he shared. This divine encouragement is what keeps him going despite the challenges.



Kobbyslam (right) and Kofi Karikari (left) in a pose 

KobbySalm’s recent body of work, titled “Never Forget,” features Kofi Karikari and is a testament to his resilience and dedication. The video for “Never Forget” is now available on YouTube, offering fans a glimpse into his unwavering commitment to his craft and his faith.

You can watch the video

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China’s Lunar Exploration: Achievements and Future Missions



Chinas Lunar

China’s journey into lunar exploration has seen many notable achievements and ambitious future missions. From the start of its space program to today’s cutting-edge missions, China has continuously improved its abilities and become an important participant in space exploration. This blog looks at the key moments in China’s moon study history and investigates upcoming plans for exciting moon trips.

Early Steps and Initial Achievements

Chang’e 1: China’s First Lunar Mission

China’s first step in lunar exploration was the launch of Chang’e 1 in 2007. It was named after a moon goddess from Chinese mythology, and this orbiter successfully mapped out and sent back data about our planet’s natural satellite – Moon. This important mission showed that China had now joined other nations exploring beyond Earth’s atmosphere while also showing its ability to carry out intricate space tasks. For more updates follow China Space News

Chang’e 2: Advancing Lunar Science

To progress from Chang’e 1, we sent Chang’e 2 into space in 2010. This mission had two main parts: mapping of the moon became more detailed and flyby around asteroid Toutatis displayed China’s increasing skill with space navigation. The detailed pictures of moon’s surface taken by Chang’e 2 helped improve our knowledge about lunar geology.


Chang’e 3: A Historic Soft Landing

Chang’e 3, which was launched in the year 2013, it marked a significant mission because this is when China succeeded in making its initial soft landing on the moon. The mission involved a lander and rover known as Yutu or “Jade Rabbit” that explored surface of moon by doing scientific experiments there and sending back beautiful pictures to Earth. This mission marked the return of humans to moon, with China becoming the third country to achieve soft landing after United States and Soviet Union.

Recent Milestones

Chang’e 4: Exploring the Far Side of the Moon

China created a new record in 2019 with the Chang’e 4 mission, where a spacecraft landed on the far side of moon for first time. This mission contained both a lander and rover named Yutu-2; it is still exploring around on moon’s surface that faces away from us towards Earth. The achievement of Chang’e 4 has given us never-before-seen knowledge about our moon’s geology and improved understanding about how solar systems formed early in history. The success of the mission was supported by the Queqiao relay satellite, which helped in communicating between the moon’s far side and Earth.

Chang’e 5: Sample Return Mission


The mission Chang’e 5, accomplished in December 2020, was a prominent event for China. This mission managed to gather and bring back lunar samples to Earth, marking the initial time since Luna 24 from Soviet Union in 1976 that such an action happened. The success of Chang’e 5 provided fresh moon material for scientists to analyze. It offered new understanding about what makes up our moon as well as its past history.

Chang’e 6: Aiming for More Lunar Samples

After Chang’e 5, China is now preparing for Chang’e 6 in the year 2024. This mission will focus on the South Pole-Aitken Basin area of Moon which happens to be one among solar system’s biggest impact craters. In gathering samples from this particular location, scientists are hoping to attain a more comprehensive comprehension about mantle of moon and history behind lunar impacts. Chang’e 6 wants to expand China’s understanding about lunar geology and enhance its abilities in returning samples from the moon.

Future Missions: Ambitions and Goals

Chang’e 7: Exploring the Moon’s South Pole

Chang’e 7, planned for the mid-2020s, plans to examine the South Pole of moon. This mission is anticipated to include an orbiter, a lander, a rover and a mini-flying probe. The South Pole holds fascination because it has areas that are always in shadow and might have water ice. Chang’e 7 wants to study the moon’s environment, make a map of its topography and look at how resources like water ice are spread on it.


Chang’e 8: Laying the Groundwork for a Lunar Base

Chang’e 8, which is planned for the late 2020s, will concentrate on checking technologies and performing experiments that are necessary in order to prepare a lunar base. This mission will cooperate with worldwide allies and examine how we can utilize resources found on the moon for an enduring human existence. The methods and technologies created through Chang’e 8 are anticipated to assist in building a research station on top of the moon.

International Lunar Research Station (ILRS)

Together with Russia, China has suggested the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). This plan wants to create a stable and enduring human existence on the moon by 2030s. The ILRS will become a center for doing scientific research, developing technology and cooperating internationally. It will possess life support, energy production, communication and science experiment functions to allow complete lunar exploration and use.

China’s Strategic Vision for Lunar Exploration

China’s lunar exploration program is not only a race to achieve certain technological firsts; it fits into a wider strategic plan. The goals of this vision consist of scientific discoveries, advancement in technology, maintaining national reputation and collaborating globally. China aims to accomplish the following by enhancing its lunar exploration abilities:

Increase Scientific Comprehension: The tasks from China add to worldwide understanding on matters like the moon’s creation and shifts, along with its geological features. The details obtained assist in answering basic inquiries about the moon’s geology and solar system history.


Drive Technological Innovation: The exploration of Moon needs modern technology in fields like robotics, materials science, propulsion and communication. Missions from China are testing these technologies’ limits which could result in advancements useful for more than just space explores.

Increase in International Recognition: Success in space explorations raises the country’s worldwide status and shows its ability as a leading space traveler. Advancements made on lunar exploration also add to the pride of nation and inspire coming generations of scientists and engineers.

Promote Collaboration with Other Countries: To encourage collaboration in space exploration, China can form partnerships with other nations and organizations. This will show how working together is beneficial for all parties involved, just like the ILRS project that allows participating countries to share in the advancements made by everyone.


China’s moon research program has seen big growth in the last twenty years, making history and setting high aims for what is to come. From the first accomplishments with Chang’e 1 and 2 to innovative tasks such as Chang’e 4 and 5, China has shown its capacity and dedication towards exploration of moon. With upcoming missions including Chang’e 6,7,8 along with International Lunar Research Station that is full of vision – it shows how ready China becomes a leader in mankind’s journey for understanding moon while using its resources too. In the coming days, China’s lunar exploration will be a key part of our efforts to learn more about the moon and find new ways for space exploration.

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Academic City introduces MSc in Cyber Security programme



Prof. Fred McBagonluri

 As part of efforts to strengthen Africa’s digital landscape and foster economic advancement, Academic City University College has introduced an innovative MSc Cyber Security programme to safeguard Africa’s digital infrastructure and drive innovation.

In today’s interconnected world, cyber security is important for long-term growth and global competitiveness. By introducing the MSc Cyber Security, Academic City aims to equip graduates with advanced cyber security expertise, which fosters critical analysis and practical skills to combat evolving threats in digital landscapes.

This programme will enable students to develop practical cyber security analysis skills through hands-on training and real-world scenarios, addressing the complexities of cyber threats. Emphasising multi-dimensional problem-solving, the curriculum provides students with versatility to tackle diverse cyber security challenges and insights into risk management, ensuring a holistic approach to cyber defense.

In 2023, ISC2 estimated the global cyber security workforce to be 5.5 million, with a growth of 8.7% between 2022 and 2023, adding nearly 440,000 new positions. Additionally, all regions experienced growth in cyber workforce size in 2023, with the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions leading with an annual increase of 11.7% and 11.8%, respectively.

Speaking on this new programme, Prof. Fred McBagonluri, President of Academic City, remarked, “As the African continent continues to embrace digital transformation, the introduction of our cyber security programme signifies our desire to empower individuals and organisations to thrive in an increasingly digitised world.”


According to him, the programme aims to help address the critical need for safeguarding sensitive information, which is crucial for economic growth and attracting investments.

“This innovative programme promises to establish a robust digital infrastructure for the continent’s future prosperity,” he added.

David Gowu, Executive Director of the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH), stressed how important it is to have cyber security experts in a world where technology is changing so quickly.

 “As businesses deal with the constant threat of cyberattacks, it is crucial for business owners to empower employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to help protect their digital assets.”

He commended Academic City for introducing the MSc in Cyber Security to provide professionals with the skills they need to deal with cyber security problems. 


“I am very optimistic that this programme will give professionals the training they need to confidently get through the complex cyber security landscape,” he said.

The two-year MSc Cyber Security programme will start in September 2024. To qualify for the program, an applicant must have a BSC from an accredited university with a minimum of second-class upper or lower.