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A Guide To The 10 Best Firewalls For Windows



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When you’re carelessly using the internet, you’re bound to get malicious threats to your computer. To protect yourself and your computer, you must get something that will protect you when browsing the internet. One thing that can protect you from internet-based attacks is a firewall. A firewall is a privacy protection software that protects your computer from internet threats.

Most operating systems have their own built-in firewall. One example of an operating system that has a built-in firewall is Windows. While Windows comes with a built-in firewall, did you know that there are other firewalls that are one hundred percent free? While Windows Firewall has great features, many of these free firewalls have additional features that Windows does not have, while offering equal or better performance. Let’s look at a firewall guide for the 10 best firewall apps for Windows.

Comodo Firewall

Comodo offers a free firewall that is easy to use, perfect for novices to the security game. Comodo Firewall offers virtual Internet browsing, ad blocking, custom DNS servers,  Game Mode, and a Virtual Kiosk. This is in addition to all features that block processes or programs from accessing the network.

Aside from these features, Comodo also offers more noteworthy features. The first is a Rating Scan, which shows you how trustworthy the processes running on your computer are. The second is Kill Switch, which gives you an easy way of shutting down any running process on your computer.



If you want simplicity and ease of use, then take a gander at Glasswire. Glasswire gives you a look at real-time and historical app network traffic and provides the user with visual network monitoring.

The app also gives you the option to run Glasswire in incognito mode, turning off notifications until you switch them back on. The firewall also detects changes in the proxy settings and DNS and detects ARP spoofing too.


ZoneAlarm is an industry leader in the cybersecurity field, with over 20 million downloads. The ZoneAlarm Free Firewall continues that tradition, bringing a slew of useful features to free users.


It identifies unsafe traffic, hides open ports on your computer and detects and disables malicious programs. It also features a two-way firewall that monitors traffic coming to and from your network, hides your PC from hackers, and stops spyware from broadcasting personal data. Early boot protection protects your computer from being booted from dangerous rootkits aimed at taking over your PC.

ZoneAlarm also includes anti-phishing scanning of URLs that stop you from entering your personal data on websites that have been identified as threats and remove malicious code from downloaded files.

Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition

A rising star in the field of security, Sophos is responsible for quite a few high-quality firewall products and services. The XG Firewall Home Edition brings the power of an enterprise firewall and makes it available for home users.

It includes anti-malware and provides web security, connection privacy, and URL filtering. You also get application control, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), plus traffic-shaping features. The firewall console includes a network monitoring and reporting dashboard. This dashboard provides all the system management facilities that large companies enjoy on their networks right at your fingertips.


All this power comes at a cost, as the Sophos XG Home Firewall requires a dedicated computer to act as its server. It also overwrites the Operating System of the host computer, so you better have a spare computer handy to act as the server.


Are you shopping for a lightweight and unobtrusive firewall? Then look no further than TinyWall.

Built to enhance how Windows Firewall works, TinyWall works alongside it, adding features to assist Windows firewall. TinyWall actively blocks malware. It also prevents the modification of Windows firewall’s settings by malicious programs. It does this without you needing to be a computer security expert.

You do need to manually whitelist applications, which takes a bit of the shine off of TinyWall, but for a free firewall that enhances your existing Windows Firewall, it does the job well.


Outpost Firewall

While many would consider Outpost Firewall to be abandonware, this security app deserves a spot on our list. The firewall is licensed to other security companies like Sophos, who put their own spin to its features. The free version of Outpost is still in use, with several million users across the globe.

This outstanding security has several nifty features available, including automatic whitelisting for well-known software, an anti-leak module used to block suspicious messages, a file and folder security lock, and a pop-up blocker.


OpenDNS is a business firewall that also offers a free home edition. It not only protects your computer but all internet-ready devices on your network too. Smart TVs, DVRs, and smartphones are all covered by OpenDNS.


OpenDNS is available as a cloud service, so there is no software to install. The service instead makes changes to your router settings, letting it channel your traffic through OpenDNS’ servers. This protects you from hacking attacks, such as DDoS attacks.


PeerBlock works in a slightly different way from other firewalls. Instead of blocking programs, it instead blocks a range of IP addresses instead.   

You can customize the list of blocked IP addresses, allowing you to add and categorize your blocked IPs. You can even block friendly organizations.

Easy to turn off and on, PeerBlock stops most pop-up ads but requires a fair bit of IT knowledge to set up effectively.


AVS Firewall

A user-friendly interface is just the start for this firewall. It monitors and blocks changes to your computer registry and includes a pop-up blocker, ad blocker and parental controls.

AVS also allows you to allocate bandwidth to other devices on your network, allowing you control over how other devices use the internet while on your network.

Evorim Free Firewall

A simple, minimalist design earns Evorim Free Firewall a spot on our list of the best free firewalls.


This free security tool offers quite a few bells and whistles alongside its default abilities. These features include Access notifications, malware and virus detection and several protection modes, such as Paranoid, Cooperative and Credulous mode. The interface is also touch-screen friendly, and multilingual language settings make this firewall inclusive.

The Runback

The rise of the internet has bought everyone a bounty of information, opportunity, and communication options. Using it is not without risks, but with proper care and the right security tools, you can be safe and sound on the internet. So go install a firewall today and keep yourself safe on the world-wide web.


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Holy Child alumni illuminate the path forward amidst national school power crisis




In recent times, the narrative of power challenges in Ghanaian schools has escalated, with numerous public institutions such as Mfantsipim School, Accra Academy, and Mondo Senior High Technical School among others facing abrupt electricity disconnections. 

This persistent issue highlights the dire need for sustainable solutions in powering educational facilities, crucial for maintaining the quality of education.

Stepping into the spotlight with a pioneering initiative, the 1999 alumni of Holy Child School have set a remarkable precedent.

 In a bid to combat these electricity woes, these visionary women have successfully funded the transition of their alma mater to 75% solar energy. This initiative not only addresses the immediate problem of power outages and financial strains on the school’s budget but also serves as a beacon of climate-positive action with the potential for carbon credit benefits.

Founded in 1946 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Holy Child School has long stood as a bastion of educational excellence and societal impact in Ghana. Its alumni include distinguished personalities such as Ghana’s Ambassador to France, Anna Bossman; Goldman Sachs Vice President, Sabina Dankwah; and University of Ghana’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nana Aba Amfo, to name a few.


The Solar Project

This solar project, a gift from the 1999 alumni commemorating their 25th anniversary and coinciding with the school’s 78th speech and prize-giving day, symbolizes a profound act of giving back and forward.

 In an exclusive interview with the Business and Financial Times, engineer Ing. Mrs. Sheila Enyonam Akyea, president of the year group, shared:  “This project builds on the foundation laid by our predecessors. We’re thrilled to extend their initial contribution, ensuring every corner of our school benefits. It’s our way of ensuring current and future students receive the same level of empowerment and opportunity we had.”

Project’s Committee Chair Ing. Mrs. Teresa Kyei-Mensah, mentioned the substantial investment the solar installation demands, emphasizing ongoing fundraising efforts.

she said: “Once completed, the initiative promises significant savings for the school and, by extension, the Ghana Education Service, redirecting funds towards essential educational resources,” she added.


Solar power, increasingly recognized for its affordability and environmental benefits, stands as a viable solution for Ghana’s educational sector and its broader climate goals. With abundant sunshine year-round, Ghana is ideally positioned to harness solar energy, reducing the financial burden on public resources while contributing to global carbon reduction efforts.

The project was completed in January 2024 after a 1-month testing phase. The year group eagerly anticipate the handover ceremony at the 78th Speech and Prize-Giving Day of Holy Child School in Cape Coast on Saturday, 9th March 2024 marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainable development and quality education in Ghana. 

This initiative not only lights the way for other schools grappling with similar challenges but also underscores the powerful impact of alumni engagement in shaping a brighter future for the next generation.pastedGraphic.png