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‘Adventurers in the Diaspora’ series finds creative solutions to Ghana’s Plastic waste menace



In support of the 2011 Environmental Film Festival of Accra, Adventurers in the Diaspora will in its eight episode, turn its attention to the role of creative agents in engineering solutions to Ghana’s waste menace. “Ai-Diaspora 8: Finding Creative Solutions to Ghana’s Plastic Waste Menace” will take place at the Branch Lounge of the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra on Thursday June 16.

When it was launched a century ago, plastic was a miracle, the undisputed material of the future. The material however, has one major drawback: it is not biodegradable and doesn’t get recycled in most countries. This means that the majority of the plastic made in the past century is still stored somewhere on earth. In Ghana, as in many underdeveloped countries, the lack of effective waste disposal systems and re-cycling facilities has contributed to making plastic waste one of the most serious environmental hazards.

A panel of artists, cultural entrepreneurs and activists will explore works which reduce the environmental footprint of plastic waste and give birth to innovative local industries in fashion, furniture, and art. The panel discussion,  moderated by Kwesi Owusu, writer and film maker and co-director of the Environmental Film Festival of Accra, will include:

  • Stuart Gold, founder of Trashy Bags, the innovative company making bags and fashion accessories from plastic waste
  • Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah a feminist activist, communications professional and writer. She is also a co-owner of MAKSI (an African inspired fashion label). MAKSI has recently launched an Eco-Fashion Campaign in collaboration with a number of creative individuals in Accra.
  • Golda Addo, founder of Energy Solutions Foundation, the Ghanaian NGO developing renewable energy technologies and promoting waste recycling.
  • Pitika Ntuli, internationally known sculptor and poet from South Africa whose work celebrates African concepts of environmental sustainability.

There will be screening of the short film, ‘ Ghana ’s Plastic Waste Menace’ and a Trashy Clothes Show with models from Trashy Bags showing off their latest ‘plastic collection’.