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Africa is a continent of geniuses – Ferdy Turasenga



Ferdy Turasenga started his education in Burundi and upon returning to Rwanda in the year 2000 he attended High School at Lycee de Kigali with a focus on Maths and Physics.

He would later attend the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa where he studied Electrical Engineering focusing on power systems Engineering (Heavy Current) at their Pretoria Campus.
His firm, EPC Africa is focused on Engineering, Renewable Energy, Procurement, Construction and Consultancy. He describes the company as a young family of 3 companies; AFRILOTT, CEC and ENERGICOTEL and these have been growing steadily since 2010.
He is a pioneer in his space in Rwanda and operates as an Independent Power Producer with 3.32 MW connected to the Rwanda National Grid.

Ferdy Turasenga is the CEO of EPC Africa Group of Companies.



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