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African super-app, Ayoba set to launch exclusive romantic comedy series ‘NITE NITE’ written by Eddie Seddoh



Africa’s fastest growing SuperApp Ayoba has teamed up with one of Ghana’s most prolific & creative filmmakers, Eddie Seddoh, to release a new short form romantic comedy series, ‘Nite Nite’ which will run exclusively on ayoba starting this August.

The series packs a punch in everyday love adventures, taking viewers on a journey of navigating a new relationship through the eyes of the two principal characters, Zaq and Zoe, played by Essilfua Boris-Hemans and James Kwayisi as seen below.

The series is written and produced by one of Ghana’s most creative filmmakers, Eddie Seddoh, whose content in television shows has charmed audiences around the continent with iconic characters and blockbuster episodes. Eddie is the renowned writer of YOLO; X.O.X.O. & most recently, Boyzone.

‘Nite Nite’ will be one of several content initiatives commissioned by ayoba for the over 25 million users across Africa.  Ayoba is a unique app, available across the African continent, offering its users access to chat, call, play games, listen to music, learn and more within one app.  Ayoba also has a strong entrepreneurship focus, offering digital access to small businesses with learning and educational offerings as well.  All content on the app is freely available to the users.


ayoba is very focused on Africa first, exclusive content,’ says CMO Olivier Prentout.  “Our community want to see stories from the continent that resonate from the heart.  We are commissioning content in different formats and are very proud to bring this vibrant story to life.”

The mini-series, barely five minutes in episodic length, also connects with viewers in an interactive way, where the characters can engage in conversations with influencers and viewers based on the storyline. Viewers will get to enjoy exclusive behind the scenes footage in addition to the weekly episodes.

‘I’m very excited about the opportunity to work in short format, with one of Africa’s leading apps,’ says Seddoh.  “It’s a new format for me, and one that is very relevant to the market right now.  It presents interesting challenges to a storyteller, as you have to establish your characters very quickly, and move the story in such a short episode.  Working with the ayoba team, I have found a great formula and look forward to sharing it with the users.

Each day on Ayoba is an opportunity for viewers to watch teasers on how life is going for a character, what they are thinking or intend to do before the next episodes and many more special moments. We also get to have real-time enactments of the Nite Nite podcast show within the series – a podcast show about relationship hacks and stories. As far as conventional drama serials go, this is the first of its kind, and one of the many reasons why Nite Nite is a must-see.


MTN users across the continent will be able to enjoy episodes in many African territories including Ghana, Nigeria & South Africa, and will be able to watch this series with no data charges.  MTN users are offered free data, in participating territories, across almost all app features*.

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Nite Nite’ on Ayoba starting on 30th of August on the Nite Nite channel on the ayobat! If you’re new to Ayoba, download the app from Google Play store or the App store and join the Nite Nite channel to stay posted for more exciting details. –

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