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Ahoney Man releases new single ‘Nkempu’



Singer, Ahoney Man has opened another year with yet another new single, and this time he hits hard on the ‘loose ladies’.  ‘Nkempu’ featuring rapper Atinka and Meek is an up tempo song that features the ever popular azonto dance in its music video. It talks about girls that are ‘easy to lay’ and perhaps that’s what the term ‘Nkempu’ means. After ending 2010 with the witty single ‘Car Korkor’ which was full of metaphors describing his desire to drive a red car at night especially due to the fact that there is no road traffic around at night-time, Ahoney Man opened 2011 with ‘Chop Better’, a fast-paced dancehall-influenced song with English/pidgin and Twi lyrics. It seems that increasingly, Ahoney Man wants to prove to the young generation of musicians that he can fit into the evolving music culture. Born Godfrey Allotey-Mensah , Ahoney Man is a restaurant supervisor in his late thirties but he is determined to make a career out of his burning passion for music. In 2006, he tried his luck with hiplife on his album ‘Otofo’ after two unsuccessful highlife album. This time he found relative success, and a style that seemed to work for him. Check out ‘Nkempu’.httpv://  ]]>


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