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Akua Music fires for global markets with new Afrobeats track ‘Commando’



Akua Music

After almost a decade of setting herself apart from her peers and steadily growing in competence, Akua Music’s artistic maturity and ambition have reached new heights. The breakout star of ‘Wo Do Me’ fame confidently steps into the next phase of her career with the strong presence of ‘Commando,’ a vibrant new single with enough punch to launch her into global markets.

Produced by the all-too-famous Mix Master Garzy, ‘Commando’ is another game-changing Afrobeats track from 2MG Music’s finest, destined to become a hit song. Over a catchy beat, Akua Music presents herself as the titular commando, ready to take charge of her partner’s every demand. This hardcore premise yields a powerful sense of loyalty from the star as her rampant vocals invigorate listeners through and through.

Since taking up the challenge to conquer the world through music one release at a time, Akua Music has been a joy to watch. The singer has put in countless years of work, unleashing well-received singles that have only intensified the hype surrounding her brilliance. From the tender embrace of ‘Promise to You’ right into the charming grace of ‘Connection,’ Akua Music’s fire under 2MG Music continues to burn hot. And ‘Commando’ is the latest to feed that flame. It ushers in a new era for the dazzling star as she reinvents her style to attract a huge fan base.

‘Commando’ is not just a song. It’s a manifesto of hardcore devotion and love with a touch of girl power. Stream or download ‘Commando’ across all major digital platforms here:





Instagram: akuamusic
Twitter: @akuamusic
Facebook: Akua Music

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