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Alan Cosmos sings ‘Time for Love’ for the World Cup



Kwadjo Asumadu Baffoe alias Alan Bambaara Cosmos of ‘Agoro yi ye bambaara’ fame has composed a special song for the Ghana national football team, the Black Stars. ‘Time for Love’, which aims to whip up support for the national team throughout the ongoing FIFA World Cup in South is now available online. Watch Video

Alan Cosmos was introduced to music at a very early age as both parents were into music. But it was at the Agogo Sec-Com College that he learnt to play the Guitar very fast. At the age of sixteen he already spoke many languages, played good theatre(Shakespeare etc),played the guitar and sang in various repertoires ranging from Soul, Rock`n Roll, to Latin American.

His versatility earned him the name `Cosmos` at campus and from there, he would jam with bands when he was on holidays. He performed at the Palace Captains, Midnite Movers,Starlite, Unity Stars among others. In the early seventies he led the Eldorados Band of the Aboso Glass Factory and recorded hits like `Fanfool Respect`, ‘Africa monso mu’,`Huhuuhu nye mehu`etc.  Their brand of music was a cross-over type of music even at that time.

At this time Alan Cosmos instantly became a Teenage-Star, specially loved by students and the youth. In his ambition to explore wider horizons(as he gave in an interview by one Danso Missah of Ghanaian Times) Alan moved his group to the Harbour City of Tema and formed the Jem Movement Band of the newly opened Jem Nite Club.The Band toured Gambia and Senegal during the 1978 Independence celebrations.

Late in the same year his dream to travel overseas came true. Sir Alan Cosmos (as he was affectionately called) moved with his seven-piece band to settle in Germany. After some years stay in Germany, he replaced some of the band members with three European musicians. Under the Band name UNIQUE they recorded the album `SANKOFA in 1983.The production was by Uwe Müller`s TPA Management under BOOTS RECORDS Label. Songs on that album included Àkua Afriyie`and `Tano Street`.

He now saw the necessity of using his African identity precisely and therefore changed to BAMBAARA SOUNDZ, meaning gigantic. Many call him Mr Bambaara. In 1984 he recorded the SUNSHINE MUSIC FOR YOUR PLEASURE album with songs like `Yeegu Nsa` `Fontonfrom`, and Soca. The songs became instant hits especially because it was the first time Ghanaians were treated to a fusion of hi-life with the electric drums. It was a sensation and an Ivorian producer Gibbs Doussou,on hearing the songs on air, flew to meet Alan in Accra and signed a distribution deal with him. Tano Records was the Label of the album. In 1987 he recorded the Album with `Accra Calling´ `Gumbe Dancing` etc with the production assistance of Michael Karch of Polygram Hannover. On this album Alan played all the instruments himself apart from the horns. He also engaged in sound engineering.

The man wanted to explore higher musical horizons and not to compromise with a mainstream hype. In 1989 he met one Mike Stachella a music tutor and freelance journalist with NDR Germany. Together with some students of the University in Hildesheim they formed the Frontline-Reggae formation-Bambaara & the Special Request, a great live act that performed in many shows and open-air festivals in the early 1990´s in Germany and other European countries.

All around this time Alan kept his roots alive and played in a drum and percussion group called Akutu in Hannover. This was a multinational band. As a stage performer he made a big impact with his project Bambaara & the Special Request. With songs like `Abolish Apartheid Now ‘and `Mama we are living on the Frontline’. They did contribute a lot to preach anti -apartheid and Mandela-freedom. The band recorded their album `Fashion Philosophy` in 1993 under T-BWana records. Songs like `Unity is Energy`, ‘Fashion Philosophy’ and `Odo ka kyere me` did feature prominently on the GBC Television. Although Alan Cosmos has been residing in Europe for over two decades his music pops up every now and then on the Ghanaian music scene, his home country.

Now as a singer, multiinstrumentalist, bandleader, composer, and a cosmopolitan artiste, he says his aim is to settle back home in Ghana to continue his career and assist up and coming musicians.