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Ameyaw Debrah introduces new cooking show, ‘Ameyaw Can Cook’



Ghanaian celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Ameyaw Debrah has introduced a new cooking show on Ameyaw TV.

‘Ameyaw Can Cook’, is a show that puts the renowned online personality’s cooking skills to test. His followers, through his many travels around the world, know Ameyaw’s appreciation for food. He is never shy to try something new when he travels, and there is no restriction on his taste buds.


“I know that a lot of people know how much I love eating, all kinds of food. But I wanted to also show them the other side of me. Yes, I can cook the most complex of foods to the simplest ones. I cook my own way, and I love that.  Sometimes, I eat something and immediately imagine how it was done. I give it a try, without knowing how it is  really done. It usually ends up tasting good or at least ok,” comments Ameyaw Debrah.

“So on ‘Ameyaw Can Cook’, expect to see the unconventional, expect to see new way of cooking your favourites, and expect to experiment with new ideas. I am very excited to share these moments with my audiences around the world. So do try your hands on the food I cook on the show.”


The first episode of Ameyaw Can Cook is currently up on YouTube. It features the father of one, cooking Potato Shrimp Porridge, his twist to a Ghanaian local delight, ‘Mpotompoto’.





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