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Ameyaw TV presents: The ‘Rich kids’ of Instagram Ghana vs. Nigeria

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Ameyaw TV presents: The ‘Rich kids’ of Instagram Ghana vs. Nigeria

All over Africa, and indeed all over the world, the young rich are flaunting their fabulous life on social media, particularly on Instagram.

The rich kids of Instagram phenomenon got so global that in 2016, Channel 4 Television launched a new reality TV show with the same title. Season 1 showcased the lives of 16 incredibly rich kids with money to burn, who party in the world’s best nightclubs, shop in the most exclusive boutiques, and share it all on social media.

Well, the story is not so different with the ‘rich kids’ from Ghana and Nigeria, although unlike their international counterparts the source of their wealth is often questioned.

Birdman announces Ghana tour

They are not exactly kids; some are from wealthy families who like to share their fabulous life with the world, while others simply have money that they want to throw it in our faces.

They drive the most expensive cars, go on exotic holidays and wear expensive trendy stuff…see how these rich kids live their lives all on Instagram!

The rich kids from Nigeria

The Rich kids fro Ghana (part 1)

The rich kids from Ghana (part 2)

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Nigeria’s Rich Kids of Instagram

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