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Another Kanye West sex tape pops up?



Sunday evening, Kanye’s legal team sent out a statement saying that any intimate footage featuring sexual acts of Mr. West was stolen from his computer, and is therefore private property.  All in an effort to get websites to remove the screenshots.  After admitting on Kanye’s behalf that there indeed is sex tape footage, his legal reps also threatened action on anyone shopping and selling the footage.  And, of course, legal action will be taken on anyone who posts the footage.  Safe to say, this sex tape footage likely won’t see the light of day.  Unless somebody like Vivid gets their hands on it. His girlfriend, Kim Kardashian could surely give him some pointers on how to make a profit off of it though. And now, TMZ reports there’s not one tape, but Two.  The first is about 20 minutes long, and the second is double that.  And it’s all action, no filler.]]>



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