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Aviance Ghana launches Terminal 2 Domestic Adinkra Lounge



Aviance Ghana LTD has introduced the Terminal 2 Adinkra Lounge at the Kotoka International Airport.

The Terminal 2 Adinkra Lounge promises to provide exceptional services to passengers and also provide them with an international experience which includes a space to relax and watch television or catch up with business, as well as a bar with premium drinks from Johnnie Walker.

The official launch happened on the 27th of October, 2023 with stakeholders from Africa World Airlines, Passion Air and other international organizations.


The Managing Director of Aviance Ghana, Mark Kamis acknowledged stakeholders present and disclosed that the reason behind the project is to grow the domestic market and build the economy of Ghana.

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“This evening, we are relaunching terminal 2, the domestic adinkra lounge, it’s been a super evening and we’ve had majority of stakeholders here and in particular, African World Airlines and PassionAir who are the domestic careers of Ghana.

“We have also had GSL supporting us, a fantastic partnership for us including ABS designs, Atlantic catering and Daejon.


“It’s just been an amazing evening and our strategy for 2024 is to grow the domestic market and to improve the economy in Ghana, so we are absolutely delighted to celebrate tonight.

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