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Big Brother Hot Room host, Tumi Morake reveals why she likes to pick on Sulu and Natasha



Tumi MorakeSouth African actress, comedienne and host of The Big Brother Hot Room, Tumi Morake has revealed that her favourite Big Brother housemates to pick on are Natasha and Sulu – as if we didn’t know already. Speaking to her in a phone interview from South Africa, Tumi said “Eish my favourite housemates are Natasha and Sulu. Sulu is just a fun character and whenever he speaks there is so much to pick on; whether he is sober or not. Natasha, is just another. Her antics in the big brother house are hilarious; she gives us plenty of material to use. I love everyone else; each housemate brings something different to the show, from the loud ones to the quiet ones. That’s what makes Big Brother a hit.” Viewers must be used to Tumi often referring to Ghana as her ‘in-law country’, and not knowing when to take her serious or not, I had to find out if indeed she was married to a Ghanaian.  “Ghana is my in-law home, yes I am married to young ‘okrasini boy’ (meaning village boy). His family is all over Kumasi and Accra.  I was actually there recently for a wedding. Usually I spend a lot of my time in Accra but we also visit Kumasi. I have actually performed in Ghana before,” she replied. Tumi described The Big Brother Hot Room as a new and fun experience for her and her fans as well as people across the continent who may not know her.  She said “It’s a very fun and sometimes painful concept. We go through the highlights of the week and our director writes the scripts on how the show should be. I just put in my humour.” “There have been mixed feelings towards it; some people don’t like it but a lot more people like it. Last time somebody wrote to me to say they don’t like the show and I asked, ‘don’t you have a remote control? If you don’t like the show then change the channel’. Haha. Not everyone is used to my style of humour but I think it is a fun show and viewers across Africa are getting to know me.” Tumi said the best is yet to come and that viewers should stay tuned for more laughs on The Big Brother Hot Room. Listen to interview  ]]>

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