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Big Brother The Chase Update: Pokello kicks Elikem out of her bed



It seems like the young Elikem has met his match. Pokello, being the no nonsense Housemate that she is, Chases Elikem out of her bed on Staurday night.  Meanwhile Fatima spent the whole night and a better part of the morning waiting for Elikem to come to her bed. Keeping an eye on Elikem is proving to be a tough business for Fatima. The Malawian, who is part of Elikem’s ‘harem’, couldn’t sleep a wink as she waited impatiently for Elikem to call it a night. After the party, Elikem – who is a social butterfly of sorts – spent his time locked in conversation with Pokello in her bed. In the early hours of the morning, the Ghanaian decided to bond with sexy Selly, who told him there could be a possible love connection between herself and Neyll. Upon realising that Elikem would not be coming to bed anytime soon, Fatima jumped out of her bed, duvet and pillow in tow and headed to the lounge. Elikem tried to call her back, but Fatima was not having that. The Malawian cut a lonely figure on the couch as she wrote out her frustrations on the white board. Elikem at this time was warm and comfortable in Pokello’s bed. When she decided to head back to bed later however, Elikem ditched Pokello’s bed and jumped into Fatima’s.]]>

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