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Big Brother Update: What you may have missed, supermodels from Mars



Tuesday is task day on M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars and this week, Big Brother has challenged the housemates to audition for a science fiction movie called “Supermodels from Mars”.

The housemates will be required to stretch their imagination, exercise their creativity and have some ‘out of this world’ fun. Each housemate is expected to design and make an ‘Outrageous Outfit from Outer Space’ and create a character for themselves and a way of acting and speaking, for the audition. The Barnmates will also be competing in this task.

After Head of House Sheila read out the task to the housemates twice, they decided to wager 100 percent on their success. A few dissenting voices were heard, asking to wager 75% instead, but Tatiana reminded them that they had done very well in last week’s Eggstravaganza task, so this week’s would be easy. When Sheila claimed that the majority of housemates had agreed on the 100% wager, Big Brother questioned her about the dissenters. Sheila explained that 7 of the housemates had wanted to wager 100%, while 4 wished to reduce the wager to 75%. Big Brother told her to go back and read the task to the housemates again to make sure that everyone understood what was expected of them. After carefully checking everything again, all of the housemates concluded that a 100% wager was the way to go.
The housemates’ success in the task will depend on how well their Cosmic Creations are made, how far into the outer reaches of the furthest galaxy they have stretched their imagination and how well their planetary persona speaks, acts, sings and/or dances during the audition.  Big Brother has sent another set of clues into the house to help the housemates decode each other’s secrets, but Sheila believes someone has hidden them. During her diary session, when Big Brother revealed that clues had indeed been sent into the house, Sheila excitedly said she would set about discovering who had hidden them by dropping subtle hints to the other housemates to gauge their reactions.

Instead, she burst from the diary room and told everyone that someone had hidden the clues. Everyone demanded to know who had hidden the clues, but nobody owned up.  After being on the receiving end of Lerato’s Dagger on Sunday night, Tatiana may not have any contact with the men in the house for the duration of this week – she may not touch them or speak to them. Touchy Tatiana hasn’t coped at all and Big Brother sent her to the glass house as punishment, where she was forced to sort paperclips by colour and is not allowed contact with anyone until her task is completed.

During his Diary Session, Munya begged his fans to vote to keep Tatiana in the house this week. He told Big Brother that he was appealing to his fans to support Tatiana because she had also done the same for him. He said that though he did not know who else was up for eviction, Tatiana had to stay – little does he know that Head of House Sheila replaced herself with him and he is going head-to-head with the Angolan to stay in the house this week!

Lerato got a surprise visitor to The Barn on Tuesday when her ex-boyfriend Maxwell (from Big Brother Africa Season 2) appeared through the doors. Lerato screamed “Oh my God!” and gave him a huge hug. “What are you doing here! Oh my freaking word,” she exclaimed, before reaching for a cigarette to calm her nerves. After the introductions, Max quickly made himself comfortable with a beer and settled into life in The Barn.

He was quickly up to no good, playing tricks on the Barnmates. First, he hid away cigarettes and drank a few beers. He then set about isolating them and talking to each Barnmate individually, telling them different theories about how the game will pan out.
First up, he told Hannington that he didn’t expect to see Lerato when he came into the Barn. He admitted he and Lerato remained friends after he got married. He also told Hannington that Sammi believes he is from Nigeria. Next, he took Sammi aside and flattered him for having a good character. They shared their experiences about Nigeria. Max even volunteered to prepare a Nigerian specialty for dinner. As soon as he was done chatting to Sammi, Max went back to talk to Hannington and told him he was a big fan.

Later, he tackled Lerato and told her he had cigarettes he was willing to share with her, whenever she needed them. Lerato, who had been getting close to Hannington since she came into the Barn, was heard saying Max was trying to make Hannington jealous. Max joked about it and he called them “Lehanny”.

In her Diary Session, Lerato conceded that Max being in the Barn could be tricky because she doesn’t know what to expect from him. She told Big Brother they still communicate, but their relationship is purely platonic at this point. “It’s going to be a hectic couple of days with him in the Barn,” she said.