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Clever Ways to Spend Quality Time Together Remotely



The population of Planet Earth has never been more mobile or adventurous than they are today. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 1.4 billion people, or nearly 20 percent of the world’s population, travel for work, education and leisure each year.

With low-cost flights connecting more regions than ever before, the old barriers to accessing travel are being swept away. But all this movement does have its drawbacks, even for those of us with an inexhaustible supply of wanderlust. 

We refer, of course, to those we leave behind while globe-trotting. When surveyed on the things expatriates miss most about their home regions, the social bonds of family and friends always come out on top. After all, we are social animals and flourish when we feel a sense of belonging and connection with our friends, local communities, and loved ones. 

And while there’s no substitute for being with those we cherish in person, the advancements in online conferencing technology have made hanging out – even when thousands of miles apart – easier and more natural than ever before. 


Yet, while there’s nothing wrong with jumping on a FaceTime call or Zoom chat to catch up, there are a number of compelling activities you can share that can spice up the experience. Let’s take a look at some great examples of these below.


This one may sound odd at first, but for many people, cooking and eating together is the lifeblood of social interactions. What’s more, the period of time you spend cooking each night can be a great opportunity to video call a friend as the two activities do not negatively impact one another. 

Even better, you can coordinate to cook at the same time, though if you’re planning to eat the same meal – be that dinner, lunch or breakfast – you should make sure that you’re in a similar time zone. Of course, that alone shouldn’t be a reason to exclude this plan – after all, those living on opposite sides of the earth could easily manage a video call while one makes breakfast, and the other dinner.


One of the most common things people like to do when they get together to have fun is play games. Yet many people do not realise just how easy it is to play games with your friends online. 



There are a huge array of gameplay options out there to suit every mood. Of course, if you and your best friends are part of a Call of Duty clan and love nothing more than playing rounds of deathmatches together, this activity is a no-brainer. But even those who love board games and classic table titles have a range of options to explore.

For example, fans of the world’s most popular card title blackjack can make use of comprehensive digital variants provided by reputable platforms to capture the magic of playing back home. While not all online blackjack games have multiplayer features, any number of examples from well established providers will likely incorporate this option. 

What if your favourite type of gameplay is that of classic board games like Scrabble? Here, too, a range of options are available. For example, Words with Friends is an extremely popular game that is based upon Scrabble and is accessible through Facebook’s Instant Gaming service. This means you can challenge a friend to a bout, no matter where they are, providing you follow them on social media.

Watch Party 

Watching a film or TV show is a common way people like to unwind with friends or their loved ones. It can also be a great opportunity to get in some regular social time with a far-afield friend if you’re watching the same show.


Many people do not realise, but several over-the-top services such as Disney+ even incorporate a watch party feature. This temporarily links two or more accounts, thus syncing up the video to be in time for all parties. This is especially helpful if someone needs to pause to get snacks or head to the toilet, as the technology will pause all people’s feeds at once.

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