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CLUB wishes Ghana Afehyia Pa!



CLUB wishes Ghana Afehyia Pa! CLUB wishes Ghana Afehyia Pa![/caption] CLUB Lager, Ghana’s number one selling beer is wishing Ghanaians Afehyia Pa! this holiday season with one (1) million free bottles this festive season.     The Season is a time when friends and family gather for feasts and celebrations. It’s a time for making fun memories, and a time when Ghana’s quintessential beer, CLUB Beer is once again a delight to share in.   Introducing the “Charlie” Afehyia Pa! promotion, Ms. Ewurafua Addo-Atuah, Marketing Head, Accra Brewery Limited, explained that this national promotion will give Charlies the chance to be rewarded with a free CLUB and share as is of the season. “One (1) extra CLUB at the bar will help Charlies share in beer and joy with their friends. To benefit from the Promotion, look under the crown of any CLUB Beer bottle you buy for the words  “Redeem 1 free CLUB instantly to share with Charlie.” Present it at the bar counter for an instant free bottle reward. There are one (1) million bottles to be won.”   This is CLUB’s second national promotion this year, following the “Charlie” Won Shi Jama! promotion which ran during the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with over 5m in prizes given to consumers.   “We encourage Charlies to continue to drink responsibly as they have been doing all year whilst enjoying a crisp and refreshing CLUB Beer with friends and family this Christmas”, said Ms. Addo-Atuah.]]>

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