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Cocksure: I am the number one Ghanaian artist with international appeal – Slim Kofi



slim kofiBursting with hiphop swag, tattoos, and a cool sense of style, Amsterdam based Ghanaian rapper, Slim Kofi formerly known as Rudeboy, says he is Ghana’s surest bet of having an international breakthrough on the urban and contemporary music scene.   In a conversation with the rapper, who believes that his new single, ‘Bounci’ featuring BKO, Skob and C.Money would soon be a big hit all over the globe; he said that Ghana has many talented musicians who are not being projected well to reach the heights of their potential. He said: “Ghanaians need to listen to the new crop of artists and stop being stuck in their old ways. I think I am Ghana’s number one when it comes to the artist with international appeal. I can do for Ghana, what Wizkid is doing for Nigeria. I have the looks and the swag, the ladies go crazy for me in Holland, UK and parts of Europe, and this is what forms the basis of a successful career within today’s pop culture”.   Slim Kofi, also known as Elvin Jamil, was born in Ghana and grew up in an army barracks. He’s a proud product of Accra Academy, where he graduated in the year 2008. When he moved to the Netherlands, he started hosting different parties and soon become a fixture in the club and entertainment scene in South-East Amsterdam. Besides being an MC, his talent as a rapper and dancer soon became apparent when he made his debut performance at Ghana Most Beautiful Holland in 2009. After having a successful year of MC’ing and rapping, he decided to take a break in 2010 only to resurface in 2011 when he begun to reminisce about the fun times he had when entertaining the crowd So Slim Kofi may have the looks and swag but does it have the skills to match up his claims? Listen to him and his mates on the single, ‘Bounci’ which is enjoying massive rotations in the clubs of Ambsterdam, London and other European cities. ]]>

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