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Comic beef? Kevin Hart shades Ghanaian-American comedian, Michael Blackson



It appears American comic, Kevin Hart has had enough of Michael Blackson constantly roasting him. In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Kevin Hart called the Ghanaian-American comedian an Instagram model who puts his ass out just looking for likes. Ouch! Michael Blackson also replied on Instagram calling Hart and emotional midget. He wrote: “This sensitive midget beech just called me an ig model lol? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen from you since your blurry ass sex tape in which your dum ass snitched on yourself crying like a lil bitch because some thot wanted 10 m’s in her bank account. Call your writers because when I’m done with you u will commit suicide by jumping off the curb you short fuck. Videos coming soon. You fooled America too long you corny pitbull looking beech.”  

He went on to say not even Kim Jong Un’s along with Dennis Rodman or Barack Obama can stop this new war that Kevin Hart had started.  
Watch Micheal Blackson’s first performance in Ghana]]>


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