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What you didn’t know about your favourite California sports teams?



Find out some interesting facts about the most notable players of your favourite teams. All you would like to know but never searched for this waits for you in this short article.

There is someone special in every team

How many activities which can be useful, joyful, engrossing do you know? Sport it is always about peace, unity and prosperity. Especially when it is about the team games. Team sports attract not only the players themselves, but also thousands of spectators in the stands, at screens in bars and at home sofas. Players become idols for millions of people, role models, objects of gossip, spokesmodels and simply successful people. For some of them it is the biggest dream of live that came true, for other ones public life is a curse. But first of all they are all sport lovers. In every team there is someone who is loved by public the most, a most successful player to whom high hopes are always placed.

Basketball players

For example Los Angeles Lakers player Luol Deng. He is the only foreign winner of NBA Sportsmanship Award, his career is great, but despite all his success charity is where he is involved.   Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world, so there are many famous ones among the players. Deandre Jordan, the member of Los Angeles Clippers showed himself with 10 dunks. This game with Lakers changed his life.

Another popular game is American football

A spectacular game which attracts thousands of fans every season. One of the recognizable names is LaDainian Tomlinson, the star of San Diego Chargers. He ran, caught, and threw for a touchdown in one game. Something similar did Jared Goff from Los Angeles Rams.



The real use bats are known to fans and players of baseball. This kind of sport is almost national, in other countries it is not so popular but in the United States even students in schools write essays about this game when the theme is “My favourite kind of sport”. If they are more likely to spend their time playing baseball, they use cheap essay writer.

There are three most popular Californian teams:


  • Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers (moved from Brooklyn);
  • Los Angeles Angels (Anaheim);
  • San Diego Padres.

The actual star of Padres is Tony Gwynn. It is one of the most awarded baseball players of all time. He was called Mr. Padre. An interesting fact about him is that he was one of the first to use videotapes of his games to improve his technique. By the way, for now, everyone uses this tip and not only in baseball.   Nolan Ryan is the face of Angels. He set a still-standing record in Major League. He allowed only 5.26 hits per nine innings. But that is not all. He is still one and only pitcher who accomplished the feat in both Major and American leagues.   Great contribution to the glory of the Dodgers belongs to Babe Ruth. Although he only coached them for one season when they were still Brooklyn Dodgers. Another of their heroes is Jackie Robinson. The first black man who performed not only in Negro Leagues. Also he is an active defender of civil rights.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is not the most popular game in the USA, but it has a lot of fans and their heroes. Dwight King from Los Angeles Kings is a winner of two Stanley Cups and Anaheim Ducks player Ondrej Kase is a young perspective one who can beat his record.


As for football, one of the most promising players in California at the moment is Ashley Cole from LA Galaxy. Football is the English game, so it is possible to make a conclusion that English players are one of the best ones in this game. He is called one of the best defenders of his generation. In his list of individual and team awards.   Maybe these brief but quite interesting facts inspire you to spend more time training, or to learn more about these players and teams, or to watch one of them playing, it is up to you to decide. Anyway, any activity is better than doing nothing

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