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Dizzy Mandero (formerly BoyWadon) says he has what it takes to save Ghanaian music, as he returns with new single, ‘ Too Fine’



Young Ghanaian artist, BoyWadon returns on the music scene with a hot new single as well as a new name. Now known as Dizzy Mandero, his the latest work from the US-based musician is titled ‘Too Fine’. It is produced my Mix Masta Garzy

According to Dizzy Mandero, who left Ghana many years ago, he has been trying to upgrade his style of music to meet the international world.

“We people talk about Ghana music , it is literally highlife & hiplife which I am a part of. But when we do Ghana Music Awards, we give awards to dancehall music and this tells you, we are not promoting Ghana but other culture. Believe me, I live in a bigger world and I know”

“They play Nigerian songs here not because is nice but because it is African music. This is the type of music, which I am doing now, and I call on all DJ’s and media outlets in Ghana to promote the message.

Before SM Boss started making noise on the Ghana music scene, I had already come out with a song titled ‘This is Hardcore’ feat Reggie of X factor fame, speaking my mind on how I see no money in our industry. So I started hustling making my own bread!

Dizzy believes that his return to music will bring the shinning light that Ghanaian music deserves globally.

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