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DStv Highlights: Jack Hunter, King (season 1), Life on a Wire and more!



Jack Hunter: Played by Charmed’s Ivan Sergei from Charmed, Jack is an all-action archaeologist in the Indiana Jones mould. His adventures begin in The Lost Treasure of Ugarit when he learns that his mentor has died in suspicious circumstances while on a treasure hunt. Unwilling to let the killers profit from their crime, Hunter finds himself on a race to uncover an ancient weapon. Once sought by Egyptians and Romans of the ancient era, the deadly Star of Ugarit is now hunted by modern forces eager to wield the weapon’s terrible power. Jack’s adventures continue in The Quest for Akhenaten’s Tomb and The Star of Heaven, as he reluctantly works with colleague Nadia Ramadan to outwit the devious Albert Littmann (Thure Riefenstein) and his evil plans for the Star. Watch it on Thursdays at 20:00 CAT. King (Season 1): The “King” of the title is Jessica King, played by Amy Price-Francis, who won an ACTRA Toronto Award for her performance. She’s a veteran police officer who has survived eight years in homicide, three motorcycle accidents, two marriages and several shoe styles since the ’90s. Now the question is: will Jess survive her new job as head of Toronto’s Major Crimes Task Force? This straight-talking powerhouse cop has to prove her worth almost immediately by finding a missing girl, with future episodes chronicling how she handles cases of drug trafficking, murder and rape – all while trying to save her third marriage. It premieres on Thursday 30 August at 20:30 CAT. Life on a Wire (Premiere): Have you ever wondered how a professional daredevil gets to sharpen his skills to be able to pull off those dangerous stunts? Get that chance with Nik Wallenda who’s on a mission to bring his famous family’s skill, passion and showmanship to a new 21st century audience, using any means necessary. The series follows Nik as he designs, tests, builds and ultimately performs innovative and outrageous stunts. The success of his feats and his life depend upon meticulous preparations that include engineering and wind speed analysis, conducted by a crew that includes his chief engineer and uncle, Mike, and his safety coordinator and father, Terry. Join Nik as he pushes the limits of physics, technology and nerve to bring wide-eyed audiences a truly show-stopping performance. From Tuesday 28 August at 20:30 CAT. E! ES Bridal to Homicidal: What glitters isn’t always gold…or diamonds! E!’s Bridal Homicidal proves this as it gives the viewer a closer look at life behind the facade of picket fences and lace curtains with a collection of fascinating and disturbing stories of housewives who snapped. This one-hour documentary features the real-life accounts of spouses who found themselves driven to cross the line from domestic bliss to being downright deadly. From hiring hit men to doing their own dirty work, each of these women took a violent journey – from bridal to homicidal. Tune in on Thursday 30 August at 21:00 CAT.]]>

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