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Earring Jackets: The Latest Trend You’ll Love



Most people will agree that earrings are a must have when it comes to contemporary silver jewelry designs and accessories. For years, women and men have worn them to add the finishing touches to their outfits, but for all these years, they’ve missed an opportunity! All of that wasted space at the back of the ear could have been used to glam up an outfit. Finally, earring jackets are a thing and dull and boring earrings are a thing of the past. What exactly are earring jackets? Earring jackets are also known as earring enhancers and are a piece of jewelry worn with a regular earring (usually a stud). They are worn behind the ear lobe and either enhance the stud worn on the top of the lobe, or create a different look to the earring. The wearer can buy earring jackets and wear them with the stud they come with, or mix and match with their own earrings. Why should I wear earring jackets? Earring jackets are great for those who do not want to buy a whole new jewelry box full of new earrings. Think of them like a handbag or pair of shoes that match and jazz up any outfit. Earring jackets do the same! Do you have an old pair of earrings you love and are in great condition, but need an extra bit of oomph? An Earring jacket is your answer. Stick it on and ta-dah! An entire new earring is born. The combinations of looks you can create with earring jackets are endless and you can really let your own personality and style shine through these great pieces of jewelry. How to wear earring jackets As we previously mentioned, wearing earring jackets means that you can create a look unique to your own taste. We can give some hints and tips about what kind of earring jackets are out there and how to wear them, but we want to stress the fact that it’s about you and your style. Have fun with your jewelry and let it reflect who you are. The Everygirl gives some great advice on how to draw up inspiration from the world around you and find your own fashion sense. Once you’ve nailed your own trend, think about the type of earring jackets to work into your outfit. Pearls create a timeless look that is suitable for both formal events and everyday attire. Going for a shopping day with your bestie? Marry up a cute earring and simple ear jacket for a sweet day time look. Change up your earring jacket in the evening to a simple silver or gold one with a delicate stud. This look is perfect for dates or drinks because it is classy and edgy, making you feel and look bold and beautiful. Opt for a flowery earring jacket for a floral themed girly look and geometric shapes for a modern and funkier look. As with all jewelry, change up your earring jackets to suit your outfit and mood and you’ll be catwalk ready in no time. Who can pull them off? You’ll be more inclined to see magazines displaying earring jackets on young female models. However, this does not necessarily mean that earring jackets are only suitable for them. Imagine how amazing your grandmother would look with a classy pearl earring jacket paired with her pearl earring studs? Fashion and beauty is not just for the young, old, male or female. It’s for each and every one of us. Is this trend going to stick? The problem with trends is that they come and go so quickly. You either spend money on the latest earring designs and end up wasting it because you only wear your product for two minutes before the next trend comes along. Or, you wear the latest trend when it’s out of style and feel a little self-conscious of it (and although we stressed individuality and personal style, we know that it’s easy to feel this way). These reasons are probably leaving you wondering if the earring jacket is going to stay and if it is worth investing in some? The answer is yes! We can pretty much guarantee that this trend is going to be around for a long time, the trend has been popular for a couple of years and with celebrities and fashion gurus jumping on the bandwagon, has been growing even more in popularity lately. Favery admits that they’re here to stay and shows off some stunning pieces too. You can put your mind at ease now. We hope that you’ll have the confidence to create your own style with earring jackets! Have fun and look great!]]>