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EBK Young shares new video for “Got Yo Glock On You”



EBK Young shares new video for "Got Yo Glock On You"

EBK Young Joc, the Stockton, CA rapper defining the newest sound of West Coast hip-hop, has just shared his new video single, “Got Yo Glock On You” from his new album, Hotboiiz:4L.

On the album, led by singles “Need Love”, “Klan Ties”, “Prada Steppin”(feat. Big Sad 1900), “24/7” and “Two One” (feat. Young Slo-Be, EBK PayWes & EBK Durkio), Joc sets out to honor lost loved ones such as his older brother Mobbalay, and fallen friends Young Slo-Be and Bris. In the process, he’s fulfilling the dreams they once shared with fierce determination by ensuring that Stockton gets its rightful respect. On his latest video single “Got Yo Glock On You”, Joc commits to spitting no-nonsense bars throughout the entire track by painting vivid images and ensuring that his message is felt––he can’t be touched.

Over the West Coast bass line, booming 808s, and the quiet, daunting piano loop, Joc is able to freely express his commanding presence on the mic. With his relaxed persona and matter-of-fact flows on full display, EBK Young Joc is continuing to put the fiery Stockton scene on the map in the Hip-Hop world.


With the release of his debut mixtape 21 Jump Street in 2019, EBK Young Joc solidified himself in the Northern California rap scene as one of the region’s most promising stars. He then followed up in 2020 with The Fresh Prince of Belair, marking his clear-cut ascension and by the end of 2021, Joc was widely recognized as a frontrunner in his scene. He released two projects in 2021, Forever 21 and Nightingale Legend, with the latter being described by SPIN as, “a refinement of all that’s made him a luminary in Stockton’s continued rap renaissance”. In May of 2022, Joc released his project City Of God, an impressive showing of the craftsmanship and finesse that have made EBK Young Joc the fresh-faced star of Stockton.

Armed with an arsenal of skittering flow switches, a calm but authoritative voice that cuts through any bass-boosted beat and a nonchalant demeanor that can ride on the chaotic 808s and semi-automatic synths featured in the majority of his songs, EBK Young Joc is leading the charge for Hip-Hop coming out of Stockton, California.

Born Jalique Moore, EBK Young Joc has made a splash with his signature sound, putting on for his rap collective EBK, and standing out as the leader of the talented group. Joc’s been flooding the streets with his brazen tales of life in the hard knocks off Nightingale Ave since 2019, dropping 5 projects, an EP and plenty of singles to keep his fans well fed.

He rose to prominence off breakout singles that drew millions of streams such as the bouncing posse cut “Jokes Up”, the breezy, yet menacing, “Shooters”, the harrowing balance of sly punchlines and tragic circumstance on “Real Mafia” and a host of other tracks that helped Joc keep from getting lumped into the Bay Area hyphy wave, giving Stockton rap it’s own stamp on Hip-Hop.


Partnering with burgeoning media company-turned-record-label, the Oakland-based Thizzler On The Roof, Joc has already received high praise from Pitchfork, The FADER, Passion of The Weiss, and SPIN, with plenty of other publications clamoring to get some time with Stockton’s best. With a growing total of 323,000 Spotify listeners, millions of streams on SoundCloud, 175K followers on Instagram in counting, live shows on the way, and his new album Hotboiiz: 4L–– EBK Young Joc is making sure that Stockton gets its rightful seat at the table.

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