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Efia Odo fights Afia Schwarzenegger for spreading gay rumours about pastor's son



It was a battle of the Afias on Monday morning when actress, Efia Odo responded to an Instagram post from Afia Schwarzenegger suggesting that the son of an unnamed (but predictable) pastor was gay.  Afia Schwarzeneggerposted a photo of the said young man and wrote: “This handsome young man is a son of some pastor bi oo…Rumours have it that He is _ _ _Schwar Tv is recording now…watch Schwar Tv for the rest of the story from Legon. Good morning Schwaralewas” This agitated Efia Odo who came into the conversation to say: “My little cousin isn’t what you think he is there isn’t any rumors like that lord knows….Targeting a child because your feuding with his father is an ultimate low” Afia Schwarzenegger then replied Efia asking, “are you sure or you just seeking attention on my page Madam…what is he not???what rumours are u talking about???” Efia Odo then rebutted: “don’t need attention from you and I think the whole world knows that sister afia the rumor u are trying spread that my cousin is gay that’s what I’m talkin about. U wanna attack my uncle go ahead but leave the child out of it it doesn’t speak well of u at all”  ]]>



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