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Extinction Rebellion Africa: “We’re Wearing Masks, Not Gags. Happy Africa Day”



XR Minova in the Democratic Republic of Congo group visited the local markeet to sensitize their on how to protect themsselves against CoViD-19. Credit: Extinction Rebellion Minova

Just like reacting to a global pandemic is crucial, so is reacting to the impact of the Climate and Ecological Crisis on Africa, the region of the earth least responsible for it but condemned to bear the brunt of it. On this years’ Africa Day, commemorating 57 years since the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now  African Union(AU), Extinction Rebellion takes a look at the state of African climate affairs with Love and Rage in the Times of the Coronavirus.

Drastically changing weather patterns, droughts, floods, locusts and even pandemics, are manifestations of a growing threat to the long-term health, safety and prosperity of the people of Africa, particularly the most vulnerable. Despite reeling, like everyone else, from the pandemic, Extinction Rebellion (XR) Africa continues to act as a watchdog for that other great Emergency the continent faces.


Extinction Rebellion Kenya defines the Coronavirus as the perfect distraction, enabling Kenya’s Wildlife Service (KWS) to forge ahead with its proposal to build luxury hotels, swimming pools and lodges within the Nairobi National Park (NNP). “The proposal was met with shock and outcries from environmental conservationists and the general public alike. We decry how the park is being dismantled, bit by bit. Profits are being put before life, found in irreplaceable ecosystems,” says Brian, Media Coordinator for XR Nairobi. Government and private investors steadily eat away at large swathes of the conservation area for financial benefit. Given the fragile ecosystem of the park and the diminished territory left available for wildlife, any further damage will have dire consequences not only for the animal population but also, for adjacent indigenous communities whose ancestral lands lie within the reserve. What’s left of them.

The proposed development within NNP serves only the interest of the wealthy and politicians, who stand to obtain considerable financial gain while destroying the national commons. This Coronavirus push is just one more example of wildlife reserve erosion experienced across the country through land sub-division, selling-off and mining, directly linked to a decrease in its animal populations. Lynnette Kiboro and Christopher Kiboro, whose findings were published in the International Journal of Science and Research, warn of its negative impact, underlining how “it is crucial for the government and other stakeholders to formulate legislation on conservation and protection of dispersal areas.


XR Uganda has witnessed massively destructive floods across large parts of the country. Crops, such as cassava and ground nuts, have been decimated. Severe food shortages are reported, as prices of essential goods soar because of climbing transport costs and increasing inaccessibility. Some 300,000 Ugandans have been converted into climate refugees as they flee the effects of the above average rainfall. “According to the Uganda Meteorological Department, unusually heavy rains are expected to continue in the coming weeks across the country. District upon district are being laid to waste by rising  waters, as the Coronavirus rages in the background.” describes Anette, XR Kigali’s Regional Coordinator.


Meanwhile, in Africa’s dirtiest Greenhouse Gas emitter coal guzzling South Africa, just decided to plunge a whole lot further into filthy energy by signing a huge environmentally devastating 90-year deal to produce energy for China, according to the Amabungani Energy Research Centre. The proposed 4600-megawatt coal fired power station in Limpopo will involve mineral extraction of chrome, manganese, coking coal and lime, creating fewer jobs than renewables and spurring on global warming and up to 3 million premature deaths annually by the year 2100. “That South Africa is building a coal station, financed by China, in the midst of a scientifically proven Climate and Ecological Emergency, is akin to asking people to go to a soccer match, with China sponsoring the teams on the field during a scientifically proven pandemic,” laments Media Coordinator Orthalia from XR Gauteng in South Africa.

World Health Organization experts are fearful Africa will suffer a prolonged outbreak of Covid-19 set to linger for a few years. International Panel on Climate Change experts worry the impact of Climate and Ecological Breakdown will also run deeper here.  The still ensuing 2020 locust plague ravishing both Kenya and Uganda, among other places, demonstrates how the African climate and ecosystems are controlled by a complex mix of large-scale weather systems, many from distant parts of the planet, in comparison with almost all other inhabited regions.

Extinction Rebellion has verified how the huge focus on containing the virus has led to other health issues being neglected, not least of which, the climate and environment. One of the hidden lights in the darkness of the pandemic is how XR Africa has had a chance to test and fine tune its international and local network of members who reached out to local communities and helped mitigate and prepare for the outbreak. The movement will take advantage of this newfound state of alarm among citizens and governments and demand no return to business as usual, the real Emergency. “XR Africa will be vigilant using its international network, more resilient than ever, thanks to our coming together by helping each other during the global Coronavirus crisis. Just because we are wearing face masks, doesn’t mean we are gagged,” says Moses media coordinator with XR Benue in Nigeria.

Extinction Rebellion cannot think of a better way to celebrate Africa Day, the birth of unity promised by the OAU, than to hold the AU and global governments accountable by raising African voices across the planet.

About Extinction Rebellion Africa:

Present in over 20 African countries, XR Africa will ensure the impact of coronavirus is not an excuse to forget about a far more serious crisis. Its African based PR team pledges to provide the world’s media with regular updatesto ensure the planet is aware of how the Climate and Ecological Emergency plays out across the continent.

Extinction Rebellion Africa has three demands:

  1. The truth must be told about what reality the Climate and Ecological Emergency represents for Africans by committing to inform every last person.
  2. An immediate reduction in Green House Gas emissions, taking advantage of the developing nature of African economies, transforming and adapting towards clean and ecologically minded models of energy.

3.  A return to African democratic values, historically egalitarian societies in which government was more a matter of consensus among the entire adult population, through the introduction of citizen’s assemblies to guide a response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency, unhindered by economic or political interests, in the interest of all life.


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Thabo Mbeki to lead Commonwealth observers for Nigerian elections



Thabo Mbeki

Former President of South Africa, H.E. Thabo Mbeki, will lead a team of Commonwealth election observers to Nigeria, which will be holding Africa’s largest democratic exercise later this month when it holds general elections on 25 February 2023.

Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, constituted the Commonwealth Observer Group following an invitation from Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission.

As of January 2023, an estimated 93.4 million registered voters will have the right to cast ballots for presidential and national assembly candidates in 176,846 polling units across 774 local government areas.

Announcing the group, the Commonwealth Secretary-General said:

“The Commonwealth remains a committed and reliable partner in Nigeria’s continuing journey towards peaceful democratic governance. Since 1999, we have observed all six general elections in Nigeria and the deployment of this observer group is a testament to the Commonwealth’s enduring support for the promotion of the culture, processes and institutions of democracy in Nigeria.

“In accordance with the values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter, the work of the group seeks to promote transparency, strengthen democracy and the rule of law, and protect the right of the people of Nigeria to participate in credible, transparent and inclusive elections to shape their society.

“This month’s elections hold immense significance not just for Nigeria, but for the entire African continent and the wider democratic world. It is, therefore, essential that all stakeholders in Nigeria reaffirm their shared commitment to ensuring a peaceful election environment which is conducive to the free exercise of people’s franchise and in which fundamental freedoms and rights are respected.”

She also expressed her appreciation to President Mbeki for accepting her invitation to lead the group and to each observer for agreeing to undertake this important assignment on behalf of the Commonwealth.

The mandate of the group, which is independent and impartial, is to observe the preparations for the election, the polling, counting and the results process, and the overall electoral environment. The observers will assess the conduct of the process as a whole and, where appropriate, make recommendations for the strengthening of the electoral system in Nigeria.

Before deployment to different parts of Nigeria, the group will also have briefings with the electoral authorities, political parties, law enforcement agencies, the media and civil society groups representing women, youth and people with disabilities.

Upon completion of its assignment, the group will submit its recommendations in a report to the Commonwealth Secretary-General, who will forward it to the Government of Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission, the leadership of political parties taking part in the elections and all Commonwealth governments. The report will be made public afterwards.

The Commonwealth Observer Group comprises 16 eminent persons from around the Commonwealth, including politicians, diplomats and experts in law, human rights, gender equality and election administration. The full team is listed below.

The observers will be in Nigeria from 18 February to 2 March 2023. They will be supported by a staff team from the Commonwealth Secretariat led by Joshua Setipa, Senior Director of the Strategy, Portfolio, Partnerships and Digital Division.

The Commonwealth Observer Group members, in alphabetical order by country name, are:

  • H.E. Thabo Mbeki (Chairperson), Former President, South Africa
  • Ian Browne, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral and Boundaries Department, Barbados
  • Hon. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs,Botswana
  • Dr Andrew Knight, Distinguished Professor, Fulbright scholar and expert in terrorism and security, Canada
  • Tara Chetty, Human rights and gender expert, Fiji
  • Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director, Institute for Democratic Governance, Ghana
  • Dr Mohamed Chambas, Former United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for West Africa and the Sahel, Ghana
  • Hon. Amina Mohamed, Former Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Heritage and Culture, and former Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Kenya
  • Linda Bonyo, Legal and data analytics expert, Kenya
  • Seabata Motsamai, Chairperson, Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organizations, Lesotho
  • Rt. Hon. Martin Ngoga, Speaker, East African Legislative Assembly, Rwanda
  • Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Former House Assembly Speaker, Former Minister for Women Affairs and Former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Saint Lucia
  • Dr Gregory Mills, Director, Brenthurst Foundation, South Africa
  • Josephine Karungi, Journalist, Uganda
  • Dr Alex Vines, Director, Africa Programme, Chatham House, United Kingdom
  • Kryticous Nshindano, Former Chief Electoral Officer, Zambia Electoral Commission, Zambia


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How to mute someone on Instagram?



instagram scaled

Are you looking to limit your interactions with someone on Instagram or Do you want to stop hearing notifications every time someone messages you on Instagram, Have you had enough of their posts cluttering your feed? Then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at how you can mute someone on Instagram so that you can keep your newsfeed clean and tidy.

Muting someone on Instagram is easy, and you can quickly silence the notifications from someone without having to block them. This allows you to keep up with their posts without being bombarded with notifications

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to mute someone on Instagram. We will also explain how to unmute someone if you decide to do so in the future. So, let’s get started!

How to mute someone on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram and want to get more followers, you can buy Instagram followers to increase their count. Also, Instagram makes it easy to mute people and conversations so you don’t have to see their posts or messages. 

Here’s how to mute someone on Instagram.

Step 1: Tap the chat with the person you want to mute/unmute. You can find chats in your inbox or by tapping the speech bubble icon in the top right of your Instagram home page.

Step 2: Tap the three-dots icon in the top right of your chat.

Step 3: Tap Mute or Unmute next to Mute Messages to mute/unmute someone.

Once you’ve muted someone, you’ll no longer receive notifications for their posts or messages. You can also mute group chats by tapping the three-dots icon in the group chat and tapping Mute.

That’s it! Muting someone on Instagram is a great way to keep your feed and inbox free from unwanted posts and messages. Just remember to unmute that person if you change your mind and want to see their posts or messages again.

You can increase your post visit by buying Instagram followers. To know in detail, visit – Buy Instagram Likes.


Muting someone on Instagram is a great way to manage your conversations and keep your inbox organized. All you need to do is open the chat with the person you want to mute or unmute, tap the top right of the chat, and tap the mute or unmute button. 

This will allow you to have more control over your conversations and help you stay on top of your notifications. With this feature, you can communicate with people without having to be bombarded by their messages.

Muting someone on Instagram is a great way to keep your conversations organized and your inbox clutter-free. Try it out today to have more control over the messages you receive.


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Jumia appoints Sunil Natraj as new Ghana CEO



IMG 0055 copy a

Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, has announced the appointment of Sunil Natraj as Ghana’s new Chief Executive Officer. He takes over the leadership mantle from former CEO, Tolulope Thomas.

“I am very excited to take up this enormous responsibility to lead such a great team of enthusiastic professionals. E-commerce is fast growing in Ghana, and I believe the time to drive growth and impact lives in Ghana through the internet is now. I look forward to a successful journey of sustainability and profitability, and I believe that together with all our stakeholders, we will achieve amazing things.” said Sunil Natraj upon his appointment.


Sunil brings with him a wealth of experience; He joined Jumia in 2022 with extensive experience in Sub-saharan Africa. In Jumia, he has been handling the Jumia Express logistics business as VP of Sales and Marketing. In his short time at Jumia, he has worked towards cost definitions and reduction, price definition and standardization, and business development. He has managed and built brands in the region and has handled large businesses with turnovers in excess of USD 150mn per annum. He has been based in Ghana for over 9 years, where he worked for GBFoods – a large food-producing multinational with operations in Europe and Africa. Sunil holds a B.S in Engineering and an MBA from The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

He looks forward to driving growth in Jumia’s Ghana operations while working closely with all stakeholders to ensure partner development and consumer satisfaction as the company scales toward profitability.

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Jameson Widens The Circle With Jameson Connects GH 2023: A Celebration of Freedom and Creativity



IMG 9177

Jameson Connects Gh is back and this year’s edition promises to be better elevated and more connected. (more…)

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Guest Blog: Is religion becoming Ghana’s new parliament?



Sheikh Osman 700x400 1

When religion begins to influence policies that affect every single person, then there is a problem. Religious beliefs are private and personal, but laws are not,” says Alex Kofi Donkor. (more…)

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MTN Ghana Reviews Tariffs Upward




Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana) has announced an upward review of the tariffs of its products and services effective February 07, 2023.

The review is as result of two changes. Firstly, the implementation of the 2.5% statutory adjustment of VAT from 12.5% to 15% across all services. This will impact both Prepaid and Post-paid customers. Secondly, MTN Ghana is proceeding with a 15% average upward review of its mobile data tariffs which was originally announced in November 2022 and was subsequently put on hold. The increase in mobile data tariffs will impact both Pay Monthly and Pay-As-You-Go users. The review in mobile data bundle offers cover products available on the short codes 138 & 170, as well as on purchases through Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD), MTN Pulse, and Data Zone except for XtraTime.  The data tariff increases do not apply to Fiber Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access (4G Router / Turbonet) customers.

With this review, voice users will receive less airtime due to the VAT implementation, and mobile data customers will receive less data bundle allocations for the same price purchased before the tariff increase was made.

The Chief Commercial Officer for MTN, Mr. Noel Kojo-Ganson, explained the impact by giving an example of how the new pricing will work. He said, following the review, a three cedis airtime purchase before the VAT increase, which previously gave customers 24.4 minutes will now give customers 23.9 minutes, whilst a three cedis data bundle which previously gave customers 471 MBs will now give customers 401 MBs.

Explaining the reason for the upward review of the Data Bundle prices, Mr. Noel Kojo-Ganson said the review was necessitated by the recent economic shifts leading to increasing cost of operations largely due to continuous increase in inflation. “These economic shifts have impacted us directly and for us to ensure we have the right balance for sustaining growth and investments into the network, we have had to consider price increases in various segments of our business.”

Mr. Kojo-Ganson added, “MTN recognises that we are in very tough times and would like to assure our customers that we will continue to offer them the convenience and flexibility in the purchase of data bundles at their desired price points via the MTN Flexi and Non-Expiry Bundles. Also, customers will continue to enjoy the 50% bonus incentive on mobile data purchases via MyMTN App & MoMo (valid for 7 days) for 4G customers”.

MTN remains committed to investing USD1 Billion by 2025 to continue its network expansion and improve the network experience for customers. In line with our Ambition 2025 strategy, our purpose is to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

For more information on the revised prices for the data bundle offers, visit


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