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Famous online casino players – Surpass yourself on the way to the top



The smell of money is in the air of every gambling establishment. A similar feeling is created when you visit the supermarket, where ready flavored pastries cause an inevitable desire for refreshment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, a lot of successful and famous people, as well as users of online casinos – seek their winnings. There is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the game and increasing income. Together we will find out which celebrities are successful in gambling entertainment.

The art of being first 

The history of successful people is written by them every day, whether it’s a successful contract or a winning bet. So you have to be prepared for luck to smile at the exact moment when you least expect it. To understand how to win at online casinos, you can remember the most incredible successes of famous personalities. Perhaps it will contribute to your luck.

Sean Connery

Everyone’s favorite agent 007, with a license to kill himself, went on an adventurous journey in life. The winner of women’s hearts was always distinguished by style and refined manners. Holder of the title of knight, Sir Connery did not shun and gambling pastime. Over the years, the beloved actor has won become not only famous as the best Bond but also famous as a successful roulette player.

The story where the actor won a lot of money is shocking symbolism. During the filming of the following picture of Bondiad in 1963, he and his crew traveled to Italy. Just filming the final episodes in that location, when the hero of Bond had the brilliant idea to go to the casino of St. Vincent. At that moment, all the bystanders were puzzled by his choice of betting strategy.


It is unlikely that he seriously intended to win by betting on the number 17, especially since the odds of such a choice are 36 to 1. However, enthusiastic viewers considered that such leisure is a common thing for a famous film actor and did not expect surprises. In the end, Sean Connery left the establishment with $25,000 winnings when his bet was played three times. What’s more surprising is the 50,000 – to – 1 odds of such luck.

Dana White

According to him, a known MMA fan, businessman, and frequent visitor to Vegas venues, Dana White almost won a jackpot at online casinos. His stories are often intertwined with scandals, but that does not diminish his luck at the card table. His fiery temper is not only demonstrated in the UFC but also with the opponents at the Blackjack table.

Quite a famous case, when he could bet 25,000 a hand and calmly smiled at the participants without showing his face. Among other things, the showman absolutely could easily make a bet in the online casino, using his free time for his hobby. Moreover, the video slots fan boasted that he could now take his winnings without even leaving his hotel room. That’s funny, considering one casino story related to him. 

The Palm casino once even refused to give him a bag and let him pick up his $2 million in winnings. They had to ask friends for help to do this, as the amount was paid in cash. As an apology, the millionaire received a special belt inscribed with the title of absolute champion in the game of Blackjack. Now, the businessman devotes more time to the casino online, getting the opportunity to bet without leaving home. 


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The world’s undefeated Ultimate Boxing Champion is quite gambling. In the ring, as well as in gambling, no one can knock him off balance. The thing that stands out is his trick before the fight with Conor McGregor, where he planned to bet on his victory at 400 thousand dollars. When the Nevada Gaming Commission found out about it and launched an investigation, Mayweather had to back off.



Using his talent and mischievous nature, the boxer has achieved everything he wants, and it also helps him when playing for money. His passion for betting on NBA games has earned the athlete several million. But more interesting is his desire to open a gambling business in an online casino. Along the way, he boasts a nice winning streak and considers himself the most outstanding high roller of all time.

Other notable celebrities

Name  Total winnings 
Prince Harry  $ 30 000 
Shannon Elizabeth  $ 325 000 
Jennifer Tilly  ~ $ 1 000 000 
Tobey Maguire  $ 400 000 

The best online casino in Canada

Virtual entertainment for money carries a sense of gambling with every spin of the reel. However, together with the celebrities, you have an equal chance of success by following some simple tips:

  • Register on verified sites with a license. Gambling is allowed for persons over the age of 21 years.
  • Plan your budget wisely, without giving in to the temptation to bet the maximum in the hope of quickly winning a large sum. Open source betting strategy will save nerves and your money.
  • Risk reasoned each deliberate step brings success.

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