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The Best Online Free Tiktok Followers Counter Tool



We know that this TikTok application is one that is currently viral and has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users. Users range from children to adults who use Tiktok and have it installed on their smartphones. On this one tiktok platform, we can get many features that are quite complete and have many benefits.


From the phone, we can upload videos and photos easily. Besides that, we can also watch many videos such as movies, news, tutorials, and so on. In addition, there are also many new features, such as tiktok shopping and other features. And usually, if we want to try accessing as well as selling in a tiktok shop, having a lot of followers is very useful. If there are a lot of followers on our account, there will certainly be many who see what we upload.



What is Countik

When you decide to enter the world of tiktok, you will almost certainly have a large number of followers, which is your primary goal. And there are many creators of tiktok accounts who have hundreds of thousands of followers. With this accomplishment, we can expect to see some differences in how we manage our accounts.


To be able to see your tiktok followers increase in real time, you must visit, which we have already mentioned. Where to use it is relatively simple, and you should be able to find a way to do so. It is common knowledge that obtaining followers is not easy. Because in order to truly gain followers, we must consistently post videos of high quality and relevance. Because of this, if you upload a video, people will be able to watch it, like it, and follow your tiktok account.



Where to Find Countik

If you’re really curious about counting your tiktok account followers or other people, you can go to the tiktok Countik website. We will share a tutorial on how to use it below. You can get to the site by clicking here.


You can try a lot of the number of followers that exist on other people’s tiktok accounts from this site, whether they are your idol figures, artists, or even your own tiktok account. Because nowadays, everything can be made simple with trusted applications or websites. So, there’s no need to linger any longer; simply follow the tutorial below.



How to Use the Countik Real-time Tiktok Followers Counter Tool

For those of you who want to learn how to use, we have prepared a tutorial for you to follow. Where can you find the tutorial we’ve created in the hopes that it will help you and that you can use it right away :

  1. To begin, navigate to
  2. Enter the tiktok account’s username and click on the search icon
  3. After that, you should be able to see the followers counter increasing.



 Monitoring your follower count, whether through TikTok analytics or a TikTok counter, is the second best way to increase engagement after creating great content. It lets you understand the trend, get to know your audience, and post videos that they will enjoy.

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