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FBS kicks off new label signing with new single, ‘My Paddy’



Ghanaian music group, FBS, which has thrilled fans with their music and dance moves, is out with a new single, ‘My Paddy’, after signing a successful management deal with Milestone Entertainment Haus. The song features Empire Records artist Karokae Hit Man Guru. According to FBS, who are not new to creating party tunes, they are not following the azonto rave but rather the opposite, “The azonto rave is following us. If Ghanaians can recall our first major hit which took us to the international market was ‘Oluman Boogie’. Back then there was no style of music called azonto hence our music was not called azonto but if we are to replay that same track now, people will say we have done an azonto song.” The added, ‘We had already created the danceable flavor for our fans hence in this new one, we are only reaffirming the fact that FBS is still on point and like we always say, we are here to stay’. According to Milestone Entertainment Haus lead by Livingstone, the boys did justice to this new one. “The aim of the song is to create the awareness on how relationships are broken in our societies. ‘My Paddy’ as a single tells people what they should watch out for if they’re about to lose a relationship”, comments Livingstone.]]>

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