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Five institutions in Adansi Fomena receive COVID relief items from Ekuona Family (PHOTOS)



The Ekuona Family of Adansi Fomena has demonstrated the utmost empathy and benevolence by donating COVID relief items to four institutions at Fomena in the Adansi North district in the Ashanti Region.

The donation exercise took place on two different occasions within a few weeks’ intervals at Ahensan Prisons Comp, Fomena Abu Bonsra J.H.S Compound, Fomena Methodist J.H.S, Fomena Police Headquarters and Fomena Health Centre. COVID relief items such as hand sanitisers, nose masks and toiletries were donated.

According to the Ekuona Family of Adansi Fomena, this donation exercise is ‘just the beginning of the numerous activities planned by the family to help the good people and institutions of Adansi Fomena and surrounding township’.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global crisis and as Ekuona Family of Adansi Fomena and the Family of the late Chief we felt the need to help our community and institutions as well as other communities around,” a family rep told the press. “This gesture is just the beginning of the numerous activities planned by the family to help the good people and institutions of Adansi Fomena and surrounding township.”

The family said it chose the five institutions because they are the core foundation of the well-being of our people, adding that its aim is to simply stand with our community in times of this global pandemic.

“The needs in our community are many but we believe with the plans set up by elders and members of the family we will build our community for a better tomorrow. We are tackling the needs of our communities one at a time,” the rep said.

The family said it will lay more emphasis on strengthening the youth to build a better future for the community.Ekuona Family of Adansi Fomena donates COVID relief items to five institutions (5)

“The family have numerous donations and communal activities planned to help elevate not only the institutions and the people, but more emphasis will be on strengthening the youth in our communities.”

The donation exercise was financed by the family.

“As a family, we (Ekuona Abusua of Adansi Fomena) put our strengths together to make this donation a reality. We are grateful to be in a position to help our community and to give back when needed. Times are hard and we pray for Odomankoma guidance to do more.”

Key members of the family who took part in the donation exercise include Abusuapanin Kwame Opoku Boahene, Opanin Yaw Amponsah, Mr James Kuttin, Nana Abena Ameyaa, and Mad Akosua Nkrumah.


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